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Unromantic Jude

Updated on March 19, 2013

I and Jude met at the University, you see, he was one of the most famous guys in school and believe me, almost every girl in the campus wanted to be with him. The reason is simple, the son of the richest man in the country and hire to a multimillion dollar estate, I heard so much stuffs about him from my course mates but you see, Jude although charming never gave any one an appeal, people thought that he was just side-lining himself from chicks but this notion would change that night at Deborah’s birthday batch. Debby as she was fondly called was the daughter of the vice president, the second family in the country.

Everyone was on the go and rocked to the fullest, believe me, if Michael Jackson was alive, Jude’s dancing move would have killed him either, anyway that party was where it all began and by the time we left school, I and Jude were together. He was a gentleman and behaved well, believe me, without being told, you will understand that he was well groomed, now three months since we met and he made no sex appeal, I took it as that gentle part of him because to me Jude knows how to treat a woman.

Anyway, we left school and eventually got married, you see I was a virgin and after one wedding, we embarked on a wonderful honeymoon in Tokyo, I expected my husband to now make me feel like a woman but believe me, this guy is nothing but a spank, I was the one who initiated the move. This actually was where I began to see the man I married. As days past and years past, years filled with moments I can count times we had physical contact.

He was always tired from work and spends less time with me and he gets pissed off each time I bring it up to him; “You are never satisfied” he will shout at me. This is where we always fight but being a humble wife, I always succumb but this five years with him has been a big torture, a mental one. So this year I decided to do something but all to no avail, this guy will never change, I mean to worsen this dilemma, he doesn’t even buy me gifts on my special days like my birthday and the only time I reminded me about my birthday almost broke our marriage.

You see, I began to feel that he doesn’t care, yes it is true that he is super good to our son but Jude is not romantic in anyway way. I told him on our honeymoon what will appeal me and believe me; he did a bad job there. I am not super affectionate but I began to be, I would kiss him every morning we wake up, I began doing incredible things to change him but believe me, nothing I did was good enough, just this past valentine, I bought him a new car as present but his reaction that evening when he came back and saw the Rolls Royce and red balloons all over it knocked me off. “What is this for”? He asked

Anyway, to cut this pain short, that Valentine day was actually the very day I concluded that Jude is nothing but a mismatch, believe me, a guy with the kind of money he has, his social stand is supersonic when it comes to romance, tell me what kind of man needed to be reminded of his wife’s birthday, reminded about the Val. Jude has never even held my hands except the day we wedded, he is my complete opposite, his lack of sensitivity, and the inability of bringing romantic moments into our marriage has disheartened me about love. It hurts but I decided to simply ignore his unromantic nature because I don’t want to be bored or perhaps do otherwise

Something happened on the 5th of March...

-Jessica: You never gave chocolate on Valentines?

-Jude: Must you wait for Valentine to give chocolates?

-Jessica: You have never cooked for me?

-Jude: When you know that i don't know how to cook,how do you expect me to cook?

-Jessica: You are not romantic in anyway

-Jude: Must you be romantic to show someone that you care?

-Jessica: You don't know how to treat a woman, no flower, no card, no affection

-We have been together for five years plus and i am not caring because i did not buy you flower and card, what of other things i have done. You have three cars, you shop all over the world, where did the money come from , who gave you liberty from poverty? Listen, watch your mouth

Anyway, that was myself and Jude few days after the valentine then on the 5th of March,you see, i was a bit sick that morning and he wanted to take me to the hospital but i refused knowing very well that my dizziness was because of my circle, the headache and pains associated with whatever. Late in the night,was around 10pm same day,we retired to sleep then i became hungry because i was unable to eat throughout the day so i called on him..." Baby, i am hungry". Without hesitation, he got up and left the room.

I became angry, you see, this guy is the only person i trust in this world but he is not treating me the way i treat him, how can he just leave the room without even asking me what i want to eat or simply say that he cannot prepare me a meal? I became more hungry and frustrated because i was in slight pain and cannot cook. Thirty minutes has gone and he is not yet back to the room so i decided to get up and go fetch him knowing very well that he must be in the living room either watching his favorite Sports channel or sleeping on the couch but as i gathered strength to get up, he entered the room, i pretended that i was sleeping then he bent down and slowly turned my head, then kissed my forehead and told me that he is back.

"Get up my dear and eat" he said. Believe me,i was shocked, he went out that hour to buy me Thirsty chicken wings and chips, then my favorite soya bean drink. "I was lucky to get there on time before they close" he said as he open the drink for me. There was tender smile on my face as i got up and then began to eat, he sat beside me until the last bite and at a time took one or two chips himself,when i was done, he removed the pack and bottle then returned back to the room. I looked at him and smiled then asked him; "What happened"? He stared at me and asked me about what, he was confused then i told him that i love him. He smiled and told me that it seem that i really enjoyed those chicken wings.

Jude kissed me and as i laid down he covered me and minutes later,we were both sleeping, the next day, we woke sound and by now my pain has gone, guess his action in the night eased my pain. He left for work and i also left to check on my agent then when i got home that day because he got home before me, i had to wait till 5pm to pick up Junior. He showed me three flight tickets and told me that we are all traveling to Acapulco for the weekend as he needed some time out from work. You might be wondering if this is actually the same guy i told you about in my first story; yes it is still same Jude and this has been his way.

Anyway, with such a sweet person like Jude in one's life, who said that chocolate and flowers are meant only for Valentine and Birthday? Yes, he doesn't cook for me but i will cook for him until my last breath because i know that he love good food, it is more romantic when i cook for him and he eat to his fullest without complaining. You see, sometimes we misinterpret certain things in our lives and i am a good example,i have been with him for quite some time but did not get to understand him, but his actions cleared my doubt about the first impression then in school because to me he knows how to treat a woman. Anyway that was it. "Action speaks louder than word". We had a pleasant weekend in Acapulco.


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    • Isaac White profile image


      5 years ago from Welcome to my beautiful world, where magic is no longer a myth.

      Your welcome and again. really nice work.

      I. White

    • Rossimobis profile imageAUTHOR

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 

      5 years ago from Nigeria

      Thanks for stopping by I. White,sure action is d key!!!

    • Isaac White profile image


      5 years ago from Welcome to my beautiful world, where magic is no longer a myth.

      5 stars all the way. I found myself greatly moved by your story. It is so true actions speaking louder then words in fact I have had moments in life that reminds me of that. So nice job. Voted up.

      I. White


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