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Updated on April 24, 2010

I wish i would of not

of said what i did....

i should of left everything unsaid

sometimes no words are better than some

sometimes silence explains it all

i should of taped my lips shut

to tell you how i felt

to explain how my soul left me everynight

to fly by your side in my dreams

was too much for you to hear.....

i should of not explained why i am so

electrified by your existence

i should of left all those feelings


i should of kept my silence.

My silence would of kept you

as you were,,,,,,next to me.....

i made a mistake in explaining

why my smile was so much brighter

when my eyes saw you

walking towards me.....

i should of never said how much

i really liked, wanted, needed, and required

to be near you...

just near you ...thats all i wanted..

i should of left all those words unsaid...

because now you have left....

you have left ....

it would of been better to keep my silence

and i shouldve left all those words unsaid


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