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Unsailed Maiden

Updated on July 9, 2012

Sailing, Rod Stewart

A thousand suns, those noble hearts,

All which dim before your light,

Encrust your form, adorned with charts

And my ship makes sail to map your night.

The sail does follow your spring-breath breeze

Your wind to which it must bow,

And for all the earth it wanders the seas

Only your shores can it seek now.

Wherever you go with bounding step,

The oar and stern must follow,

the scent of dreams it seeks to incept,

The knowledge of you to fill it's hollow.

Radiant you make known the sea,

Alighted, you are my epiphany.

2012 July, Moira G Gallaga©


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    • Matthew Weese profile image

      Matthew Weese 5 years ago from Auburn

      Truly excellent poem...I also like the pics.....they are explosive, and out of this world.