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Until Forever Ends '09

Updated on March 27, 2012

 It seems the only way

For me to tell you how I feel

Comes from this pen and this page,

So I'll write to you that I love you

And I'll know that you love me too.


But you're scared my heart is breaking

With every step we're taking.

But you don't realize


That I need you

More than the stars need the night

And I love you

More than the birds love the sky.

So I'll stay by your side and never ask why.

And I'll love you until forever ends.


In good times and in bad,

No fear, I'll always be here.

No need to cry or fret-

We'll live as one without regret.

(bridge and chorus x1)


And I'll stay with you for always.

Never fear the word goodbye.

So i'll once more write to you:

(Repeat chorus 2x)

And I love you,

Yeah I'll love you.

I'll love you.

Until forever ends.


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      ;) 5 years ago

      Always been my favorite