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Until Then (Poem of My Life)

Updated on December 14, 2011

How can you understand it if you've never been in it

How can you judge it if you've never known it

When you come to that place

I won’t say I told you so

I won’t say don't you come running to me

I will say don't look to me

I will say that this is what it takes

But until you've been there

Until you know it from the inside out

Not from the outside looking in with eyes that don't see

Then will you truly get it

Until then you can assume you get it

Until then you can think you know better

But I don't hear you

I will not let you turn me

I will not stand with you

I'm walking

I'm running

I'm chasing a greater ending

You're welcome to run with me

If you judge me I say you never knew me

If you look down at me I say you've never been there

If you turn you're back on me I will welcome you back when you see

I won’t deny this, I can't

This is what makes me

This is what's changing me

This is my atmosphere

This is my life


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    • stylusofiron profile image

      stylusofiron 6 years ago from Texas

      Thank you Enlydia Listener! It is my prayer that those like me who are in this place will not buckle under this great weight called life but rather that we may find the courage to run this race for a greater ending! How will we see where we're headed if we always look behind to our past regrets?

    • Enlydia Listener profile image

      Enlydia Listener 6 years ago from trailer in the country

      Truthful and thought many times have we felt this way? But hopefully out of it comes a better understanding of ourselves. Rated up.