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Untitled Attempts at Rhyming and Pining

Updated on January 27, 2017

I didn't See You coming, Love,

all tied up in dreams untrue.

Then I wished with all my might,

and Goddess brought Me You.

She tugged the Chord so gently,

that links from Me to You,

to pull You close in beside Me -

Only My Higher Self Knew.

She said, "Here is your Miracle,

that You have asked Me for,

My Dear, My Love, do not forget,

You are My Child I so Adore."

And - "Yes, I See the hunger here,

the Romance you've been longing for.

The past, My Dear, was all just pain,

so now We Open this New Door."

You held Me in Your Vision then,

but with frailty, came undone.

I watched, as My earth rocked and shattered,

as My Twin Flame, He did run.

And now I stand alone once more,

against the setting sun,

wondering why My Spirit aches,

when I was Promised My Only One.

They say to Open My Heart to You,

and recall the Connection We shared.

They say that I must learn to Trust,

to manifest You standing there.

But My Dear, You see, I've done this before,

where all my Dreams were dashed;

It reminds me of another time,

when I thought that Love would last.

And so, I think I'll let You go,

as I mend my Heart so sore.

I'll Heal it with all the Strength in Me,

and Time will tell what for.

And Time will tell what for.

© 2016 Marié Patricia Nicolina Murray


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