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Upon Highway

Updated on December 30, 2016

Circle of fire, circle of moonlight, daughter basks within crimson aftermath. Speaking of solitude after midnight, daughter rises against headlight and once again, moonlight. Desert dirt of a thousand miles and smiles, she undresses against the median of her favorite highway for the last time. Little legs of pale frame walk against the peril of star and stone; um, she feels alive within the last steps of time and trial. Cobalt sky and the lie of spirituality collide within virgin step. Daughter withers away under highway and journey. Circle of fire and circle of moonlight, watch her dance as a dancer could perform no other task. Circle of fire, there is stands within moonlight and crimson light; this is her night and alive, she has found father never breathing. Lie upon barrel chested body, tracing the framework of robust features. Love not lust upon this highway and byway. Daughter stands with daddy. Moonlight against sunlight. Her night is here and daddy lies against median. Circle of fire, place inside her a tomb of womanhood womb and let be born, a child of laughter within this fire. Daddy to daughter and daughter upon highway, she remains to erect a most lonely nightfall.


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    • ScarlettElizabeth profile image

      Scarlett Elizabeth Amburgey 15 months ago from Kentucky

      I just have a very active imagination. I've never even been to a desert.

    • RoadMonkey profile image

      RoadMonkey 15 months ago

      This is a sad sounding piece of work? It seems to tell me a story of death in the desert?