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Updated on December 6, 2011

When I thought I had you bagged in my pocket

I felt I was riding a nuclear rocket

Across the farthest reaches of the stratosphere

The simple things mean more when I hold your hand

I get lost in your eyes an I can barely stand

But my blood pumps faster whenever you are near

Love is neither about dominance nor control

Not about capturing of the heart and soul

I tell myself because that's what I need to hear

Equality, togetherness, security, sincerity

Input, output, fragility, sensitivity

I'll drop my guard, hold me and allay my fears

You shake my world, precious and uranium-dear.


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    • profile image

      Santy 2 years ago

      Boss don't relate all these sitpud things with US. If Gadfafi loved by Libiyans he would have been live. But he killed by them self. He ruled them like HITLOR. Why don't u say about that. Look at the celebrations after he died. I spoke to few Libiyans here in UAE. They all happy about his ending. While you are touching some international issues, be cleared and verify with people and write. Don't write what ever you think alone.Who ever ruling, if they live only for their people, they will not treated like Gadafi. Example Juan Carlos Spain King.