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Sexual Fantasies

Updated on February 12, 2021
UrbaneSleek profile image

A poet, artist, creator... born and raised in Chicago.. just in my zone #urbanesleek

I Can't Believe

I Can’t Believe

It’s our first time

So I’m feeling shy…

Looking up at you

Hoping I’m doing this right…

Rubbing your outer thighs

While I’m between the two

My heart beating fast,

“I can believe you letting me do this to you…”

Beneath you,

Watching you,

Paying attention to how you breathe…

My face rolling

Along with the wave

Of your hips

As if,

You’re dancing

And I’m grooving my neck

To the same song as you…

Lips bridging us

My tongue flagging,

Wiggling air up out you…

You’re moaning…


With all your fingers spread

And erected


Grabbing my head in ooh…

I can’t believe you letting me do this to you…

I’m trying not to stop

Even as you attempt

To push my face up off you…

But your lube is like glue

Keeping our lips fastened

So I’m licking your lube

To release you from this passion…

Your hands now holding the sides

Of my jawline…

Our lips smacking

And as it happens

Your face looks screwed

And I’m looking up like:

“I can’t believe you letting me do this to you…”

Feeling grateful…


To see how you look

From beneath your stomach…

When I’m done, I’m amazed

At how much your saddle shape

Is covered in glaze;

Along with the shine

Of your inner thighs

As I’m now

Sitting up between the two…

Smiling and looking like:

“I can’t believe you let me do this to you…”

And That's When

And That's When


The strings

Snap loose..


That look

Of torn


At the knees..

It's because

Of a


And plus;


She creams


That spot..

In her

Brief shorts

I keep

Pushing at

With my


Making it






That's when..

Gossip Freak

Gossip Freak


Faced between your legs

With a scarf and a black Bailey hat on…

Casual sex...

Whispering to your lips secrets under my brim

Like we don’t want you to hear them…

We’re just making casual conversation...

You hear breaths

You hear…

Lips smacking…

Now you look puzzled like

I don’t know

Something’s happening…

The secrets getting too tempting to keep inside…

Yell it to the ceiling you gossip freak…

Knew your lips

Couldn’t keep a secret…

Mouth open and you can’t even shut it…

But you want me to whisper some more…

Hands on your thighs I say please keep this quiet…

Don’t go dancing around like you can’t control yourself

And spew out this secret…

Sure enough she’s dancing and yelling…

Talking loud about what’s good

Gossip freak

I knew I shouldn’t have told your lips

No secrets…



I call her “Empress”…

Because I go before her

On my hands and knees

To homage

What’s under her onion…


Lips puckering and trickling

Delectable sweets

Unique to the cream she seeps…

I exclaim!!!

"This is the sexiest Coffee Creamer under the moon…”

Putting my spoon in it

To mix ingredients,

Creating waves

That circulate

The walls of her cup…

But it’s filled up…

So her sugar…

Her cream…

And her hazel nut

Over flow her edges covering her rim up…

But I still stir.

Miss Cold Body

Miss Cold Body

1 O’clock in the morning

And she’s just coming in from work…

She closed the door

On the Chicago frigid cold

And when she undressed and climbed into bed

Her hair still had snow in it…

Her cheeks felt cool against my frenulum

As we spooned…

Now becoming the underside of my erection…

I have to warm her up…

So I rub my right leg against hers

Erasing her goose bumps

As she begins melting under the covers...

Princess of Power

Princess of Power

She’s the Princess of Power

And with fierceness in her eyes

She sexes like a lioness…



With a Strong inner core;

I look up at her

While she’s on course

And I see..

A moist


On a horse;

Working up a lathering noise…

Now I know my purpose;


Give her the time and place

For this power that she calls on…

When she



And becomes super strong…

Reaching Eternia

While I’m

The swift wind she rode in on…

She Be Cooking

She Be Cooking

She be cooking…

Damn she be cooking…

And my mouth be watering

Every time she opens her oven up…

She lets the meat soften

Before she pulls it out

And me, I like to get behind her and watch;

Smell the aroma coming out of her pot…

Especially on Thanksgiving…

Have me planning on stealing some turkey

Before everything’s ready…

My favorite chocolate cake,

Dressing with cran

Mac and cheese,

And damn her yams!!!…

She be knowing I be hungry Thanksgiving;

Game on in the dining room

While I’m eating in the kitchen…

Tearing up that good shit she been fixing

Smacking; finger licking…

So delicious I'm behind her dancing

She be cooking…

Damn she be cooking….


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