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Running Dry on Poem Ideas? These Can Get Your Feet Wet

Updated on October 17, 2017

These Ideas Can Make "Just Ordinary" Poetry Extraordinary

Stumped for poetry ideas?

Ever imagine yourself as the wind? How would you describe your life and what you do? How would you feel about it?

Or how about you were writing some advice to someone before you died in the form of a poem? What would you say?

Awaken the creative with these ideas.

  • Pretend you're a mountain, ocean, etc. If you had a beloved, who or what would it be? What would you say and how would you say it if you were such a thing?
  • Write a poem in a different poetry movement or school. For listings and descriptions, see link above.
  • Read a poem written by a poet. Try to write about the same topic but from your perspective. However if there is a particular poem form used, try to still iadhere to the form.
  • Write what it's like to be alone even though you're surrounded by people most of the time.
  • If you're a woman, write about a life issue from a man's perspective about a certain topic colored with a male personality. This goes for the other way round too.
  • Write a poem about an ideal life in an ideal world. Write about the vice versa too, a world of chaos with no order.
  • Write about an upside-down world. For example, about the sky being what we,walk on and the ground being a hard stone sky. Describe it as best you can.
  • Write or translate a poem into a foreign language. For added difficulty, make it rhyme.
  • Look at some artwork. Write a poem about it.
  • Write a poem in the format of a recipe.
  • Personify the seasons. Personify different forms from nature.
  • Use a different meter and rhythm to your poem than what you usually use.
  • Write in a poem your last words to a dying friend or loved one.

These Ideas don't all stand alone. Some you can build on. Then let your creativity flow!


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