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Vampire poem

Updated on November 5, 2012



















Crimson roses and long black lace.

Blood red lips and a pale white face.


Glowing candles and haunted eyes.

A tortured soul and tempting lies.


A cold kiss against warm skin.

Seductive arms inviting me in.


A whisper of forever in my ear,

A mind pushing thought, erasing my fear.


In a blanket of velvet, I slowly drown.

Sweet surrender is taking me down.


Moonlight filters through the pines,

The life I knew now left behind.


A creature with a hunger, and a new desire,

I have been reborn, I am a vampire.


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    • wearenotthesame00 profile image

      wearenotthesame00 6 years ago from My Own Fantasy World...

      I love this, and it is so unrealistically beautiful, (: