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The Birthday Wish of a Teenage Boy

Updated on August 2, 2016
Boss Lady Mae profile image

A Best-Selling Author who writes passionately with Beauty, Power, Confidence, and Control

Ever since I was a toddler, birthdays meant the world to me. I always longed for that day when I would turn sixteen and treated as an adult. Days moved fast and turned into months, years and boom! I was finally turning sixteen.

In my teenage years, I had a lot of pressure to get a girlfriend. However, the only girl I ever had was a naughty picture of Angelina Jolie. The image was captured on the red carpet as she attended the premiere for Mr. and Mrs. Smith. She was the ideal girl in my dreams, and the dream never faded at all. I tried hard to move from pictures of my dream girl to real California girls with little success. It was all in vain. Little did I know that my Angelina Jolie had always been my next door neighbor.

Invited Kate Roberts to my birthday party

This is how it started… Once I woke up on the day of my birthday; I started doing a follow up with the friends I had invited. The follow-up was crucial since my parents were operating on a tight budget. I made sure I checked first to see if the Clinton, who were our famous neighbors, had planned to barbeque on that day. As much as I despised getting up early and doing this, I just had to check to avoid any friction. As soon as I arrived at their front door, I rang the bell. To my shock, the person who opened the door was Kate Roberts!

For those who didn’t grow up within our neighborhood, Kate was one of the few chosen white petals blessed with what every teenage boy would desire. I fumbled with words but managed to make her smile when I finally invited her to my party. I never thought the day would ever come for me to have a conversation with her. We had zero things in common. As much as I always wished and dreamt of talking to her, it was next to impossible. I gave her the note to deliver to her parents. Just as I turned to leave, she jumped on my back and screamed “Happy birthday handsome! I will come to your party, and you better be prepared.” I was so surprised, but happy as well. For a few minutes, I found myself speechless before I finally said, “ok, I look forward to seeing you too.”

The Birthday Party

On my special day. I wore my best shirt since I knew Kate was coming. Only my friends, Jim and Todd, knew about my special feelings for her. Since they are my best friends, I had told them how I felt about Kate. Jim asked,”Hey Greg, is Kate coming coming to your birthday party?” I answered, “yes.” Then, my friends begin to cheer for me.

At 4:00 pm, all of my friends had arrived, but where is Kate? Is she still coming? Todd calmed me down, by saying “don’t worry, she will come; I am almost sure of it.” Another 30 minutes passed by, and I begin to think if she wasn’t going to come. As I finally gave up on her coming, Kate showed up. Oh, how beautiful she looked! Even though Kate barely wore make –up on her face that day, she was still so beautiful. She wore a lovely red dress with black sandals. She walked towards me and said, “Happy birthday, Greg.” She gave me a birthday present and then a hug. I was so in a daze over the hug she gave me until I was speechless. I froze up and couldn’t even thank her for the gift. It was embarrassing, but I managed to pull myself together as my voice trembled, I thanked her for the gift.

Everybody begins to sing happy birthday to me, and then I blew out the candles. After that, someone shouted,” slice the cake!” Then, one of my friends shouted again, “slice the cake and give it to Kate!” Oh my God! I was blushing. Kate was smiling at me like she wanted me to do it. Slowly, but surely, I tried to slice my birthday cake. I was so nervous, even more than I would ever imagine. I was shaking, but I did finally manage to cut Kate a slice. I gave it to her and said,”this is for you, Kate.” Soon after that, I heard”Hurraayyyy” from all my friends. Kate blushed and said, “thank you, Greg.” My heart melted as I looked into those beautiful baby blue eyes of hers, knowing that my birthday wish had just come true!

© 2014 Mae Merriweather aka Boss Lady Mae


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    • Pam Morris profile image

      Pam Morris 3 years ago from Atlanta Georgia

      This is a beautiful story well written. I enjoy reading it.