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Vaulting, snowdrops, picnics - Three Word Exercise

Updated on August 21, 2011

'Come on, it's this way,' yelled Kirsty as she cartwheeled across the top of the field, right after vaulting the waist-high dry stone wall. She continued to shout excitedly as she bunny hopped through the long grass, 'it's not far, just over this hill, you'll just die when you see it ...'. But Gemma wasn't really listening as she carefully made her way over the stile, vaguely wondering why Kirsty hadn't used it, before squatting next to the wall to take a close look at the patch of snowdrops scattered there.

Kirsty's voice drifted up from over the rise, and Gemma sighed as she stood up and saw how far away the other end of the field was. How had Kirsty managed to get there so quickly?

'Hurry up, will you?'

Gemma muttered, 'I'm coming, I'm coming. I hate walking. Why does she always make me walk?'

Kirsty bounded back up the field, grinning widely. 'It's still there, come on, come on!'

'Couldn't we have brought something to eat? I'm starving,' Gemma moaned.

'You can't bring picnics up here, I've told you, it's too steep. Just get a move on.' She disappeared over the rise again. Gemma trudged after, finally clearing the top of the hill and finding herself at the edge of a gorge. Kirsty was nimbly climbing down the rock face, smiling back up her friend. 'It's just down here.'

'Oh, great.' Gemma's stomach rumbled, and she almost turned back there and then. But her curiosity was slightly stronger than her appetite so she decided to get this little adventure out of the way. She climbed down after Kirsty fairly quickly - she preferred sitting in her window seat with a book, but that did not mean that she was useless when it came to physical activity.

She jumped down from the boulder at the bottom onto the gravelly floor of the gorge and almost trod in the thing that Kirsty had brought her to see.

'Watch it, you nearly crushed it,' Kirsty screeched, then she grinned. 'What do you think though, eh?'

Gemma's appetite disappeared as she looked down at the half rotted sheep's head crawling with maggots.

'That's erm ... great.' She smiled weakly. 'I think I'll go home now.'


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