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Vegas Street Poetry Vol.8

Updated on April 7, 2013
Fantastic Neon on Fremont St.
Fantastic Neon on Fremont St. | Source
A little neon outside of Tommy Rockers
A little neon outside of Tommy Rockers | Source

Rock and Roll unplugged

Magician of sound

Keeping the bar alive

Strumming her guitar

With a cigarette

Pressed between her lips

Smooth strokes

Rigging notes

Beer by the bottle

Bourbon on ice

The pitch isn’t perfect

Yet there’s serenity

In her tone

Strumming her guitar

As if she were alone

At home

The stage lights

Reflect in her eyes

As she poor’s her soul

Into the microphone

A man at the bar

Stops talking to the bartender

Turning his head

He raises his glass

To Rock and Roll

If you stop to listen, tip the performers!
If you stop to listen, tip the performers! | Source

Tattoo Shop

Modern artists

Decorating skin canvasses

Ancient practices

Piercing flesh

Freeing expression

Embracing individuality


By the hissing rattle

Of tattoo guns

A breath of fresh air

Dipped in ink

Casting an imprint

By the hands

Of an artist

Street Performer

Conductor of groove

Sharing his Beat

To all who listen

Tapping their feet

Feeding the rhythm

With his heart in command

Stopping the people

With the rattle of his hands

Beating on those old

Buckets and pans

Pulsing hot

A flow of poetry

Rushing through his glands

His family is hungry

The tip jar is filling

Donations accepted

By those who are willing

His bones bounce off the buckets


A rhythm for dancing

He encourages their singing

Alive and raw

A masterpiece teething

This soulful percussionist

Plays on through the night

Creating a living


In the neon light


Treasures Of Trash

Treasure of trash

A folded receipt

Left in the ashtray

Useless paper

From a useless purchase

The last cigarette

Tucked into a wallet

Saved for an emergency

Of little importance

A burning match

For whatever intention

Loses its friction

Then crumbles to ash

The evening so subtle

Passing without warning

Collecting the treasures

That once were left as trash


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    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 4 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      Voted up and awesome. Love your Vegas poetry. Made me think of how harsh is the light of day after a night spent under neon lights and in smoky casinos and bars.