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Veins in Hand

Updated on November 9, 2016

Veins in hand, she marvels at the shadow they craft as he works within a time where dreams are rejected and elapsed! My eyes are simply bolted upon the highlights of this hand at work and I only ask myself, for what is he working toward? At large, what am I working toward, inside the obscurities of heart and tear as one? I glance down and smile at the roots which scurry inside my own hand, knowing that I were born upon nothing more than to dance within the light of my own imaginings! I step out; out of this cloudy sundown of choking and provide all toward a day where hallucinations are upon the right hand of life’s audacity! Standing within the torrents of untold promises, I endorse both hands up out of this oblivion and surrender, dancing madly upon the surface I have permanently claimed! I am alive, I am home and I am…an artist! I will rise and face the underground elegance, for I have already produced beyond pen and paper!


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