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Veteran's Tribute

Updated on March 4, 2014

How do we thank them for the hours of their days…

The days that they can’t call their own?

Their own sacrifice is the gift that they give;

They give us the freedoms we’ve known.

They rise to the challenge and answer the call

They go without question, or pause…

The saying resounds, “All gave some, some gave all”

Whatever it takes, for the cause…

They suffer the news that they dread most of all;

A soldier, who fell in the fight

But it gives them the courage to do what they do,

It’s the fuel that reminds them, they’re right.

Poignantly, part of them always alone

Perhaps, the part they’re fondest of…

They cherish the moments their thoughts take them home

Unspoken, with those whom they love

When they cast their eyes on the Red, White, and Blue

Something happens that sets them apart…

What once was the reason they do what they do

Now magnifies, deep in their heart…

“America” now, not the country they’re from

It’s their air. It’s the blood in their veins.

For as long as they live, they’ll recall what they’ve done.

Their reward? That our freedom remains…


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