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Updated on July 16, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Pictures of God.

Lord Bramha.
Lord Bramha.
The Map to Kailash Yatra a most holy trip by all Hindus.
The Map to Kailash Yatra a most holy trip by all Hindus.

There is no God.

God.You Know he is there.

No God.

Jusus is Imaginary.

Reasons for God to be so unkind.

How to Convert an Atheist Part 1

Random Thoughts.

God is defined as Love,but some say there is no God what do you tell them.?

Why do you say there is no God.

Because people show him in different forms and shapes and some show nothing but a book,in fact there are others also with books.Why can't they all worship books only,in which case there is only a book and no God.

God is there I can show you on one condition.Do you accept the condition.My condition first.

Yes I accept your condition show me your God.

My condition first,do you agree.


Answer my questions with out any excuses.My first question:

What is your fathers name and have you seen him.

His name is Jesse James and he is at home.

Have you seen your father's father.

Yes my Grand Pa he is also with us at home.

Have you seen your Grand father's father.

How can I seen him,his picture is there.

So you have not seen him but you see his picture.You believe he did exist and you have no doubt on that.When some body shows the Picture of God you don't accept.

I was told that something like this happened between the Teacher and our Past President Dr.Abdul Rehman,when his Teacher told him that there is no God.Dr.Abdul Rehman was 10 years old at that time.

I was told 10 Nobel Prize winners have told there is NO GOD.

Any one who say's there needs to be some proof,what was the proof these 10 Nobel Prize Winners gave.

Watch the Videos and comment.

Confusion with this Vision,what is our mission.


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