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Vivian - As A Moment In Time

Updated on July 20, 2013

As A Moment In Times

Delight ourselves with our hearts tonight
We will sing what we desire
Let friendship blossoms affectionately as we like
We share our thoughts and smile
As a moment in time.

In the sky
So delicate the clouds fly
Your intimate picture brighten in my mind
People can see your talent on sight
As a moment in time.

What an impressive and mysterious light!
The bridge is so calm and poetic under your eyes
Heaven and earth are the unique subject side by side
Your vision is wise
As a moment in time.

Neither talk nor ask why
Be happy and kind
Welcome our true friends’ footprints in our minds
When we leave ours so nice
As a moment in time.

3:03pm Tuesday July 10, 2012


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