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Voices! I Hear A Voice...And So I Cry

Updated on February 9, 2015

And So I Cry

Stop! I Scream!

You Twisted thoughts...

I Was Deceived

The Voice Of Truth

No Greater Love...

I Hear A Voice...

These voices deep within my mind

Sometimes are not so very kind

They leave me tired, full of despair

Like no one's near, and no one cares

Yet, here I am still fighting on

The fear, the pain, sometimes is gone

But then returns to haunt again

I soon forget where I have been

Stop! I scream, just stay away

Leave me alone, you'll rue the day

When first you came and entered in

My mind, my heart and soul, and then

You twisted thoughts, and pulled me down

And warned me not to turn around

You said, I'd pay, I'd die for sure

For hearts like mine there was no cure

I full believed, but was deceived

With all your lies, it was perceived

That I was all alone and scared

That I was lost and no one cared

But then I heard that someone died

Laid down their life, it made me cry

To think that I was not alone

The greatest gift I could be shown

And now the voice that floods my heart

I know that it will not depart

For that a man would die for me

Has opened up my eyes to see

There is no greater love than this

To think what I would have to miss

If I had not been told of One

Who showed me that I wasn't done

Who showed me that the voice I heard

Who told me that I had no worth

Was but an evil trick to scare

And try to keep me unaware

Of God the Father, God the Son

The Holy Ghost, all three in one

Who loves me just the way I am

With all my faults, they take me in

They share their voice for me to hear, That they will always keep me near

As long as I will make the choice, To clear my mind and hear their voice

And so, I pray that I will be, Able to make them always see

That I will always put them first, That they will always quench my thirst

And so I'm ever grateful for, The voice I hear, and so I poor

My heart, my mind, by body, and soul, Out to the One that makes me whole

My joy is real, His voice I hear, My heart is full, I know He's near

I'm overwhelmed with gratitude, For knowing that He made me new

I Hear A Voice...And So I Cry

Keys To Hearing Gods Voice


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    • Howie Watts profile imageAUTHOR

      Howie Watts 

      4 years ago

      Thank you Ryem. Your comment is much appreciated, coming from one who so effectively writes with their own soul and emotion.

    • Ryem profile image


      4 years ago from Maryland

      Howie, I could feel a lot of soul and emotion in this poem your words really sunk in. I am glad that I found your work.

    • Howie Watts profile imageAUTHOR

      Howie Watts 

      5 years ago

      Thank you Sparklea. That should be the mantra of mankind. Wouldn't the world be a much better place :-) We too often forget that we were never promised that times would not get hard sometimes or that we would not face trials. What we were promised is that He would not forsake us in those moments. Sadly too many times when things get tough we are spending so much time trying to find someone to blame (even God) that we fail to be still enough to hear the one calming voice that we need to listen to. Thank you for your kind words and for the book suggestion. I shall check it out :-)

    • Sparklea profile image


      5 years ago from Upstate New York

      Howie: Voted up and beautiful...My daily mantra is, 'I dare to trust God in every aspect of my life.' That covers it all, including those awful thoughts that sometimes attack me in the middle of the night. I call it my 'chatterbox.' When that happens I sit up in bed, write a letter to God and read my prayer list to God. Then I read an inspirational book that I have on my bedside. I highly recommend '1000 Gifts' by Ann VosKamp.

      I could feel your heart throughout this great hub. Blessings, Sparklea :)

    • Cantuhearmescream profile image


      5 years ago from New York


      Thank you! You've already helped :D ... sometimes it's just nice to know someone's in your corner. I really appreciate the support!


    • Howie Watts profile imageAUTHOR

      Howie Watts 

      5 years ago

      Cat...Hang in there. There is always light to be found. Sometimes the voice of encouragement that we need to hear is small, but ever present. When we block out the noise created by disappointment, pain, anger, hurt or whatever emotion is dragging us down...we can hear that still small voice. Prayers for a good night and a better day tomorrow :-)

    • Howie Watts profile imageAUTHOR

      Howie Watts 

      5 years ago

      Thank you Felishya!!! Your comment is much appreciated :-)

    • FelishiyaPS profile image

      Prachi Sharma 

      5 years ago

      Awesome work...!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Cantuhearmescream profile image


      5 years ago from New York


      Oh yes, believe me... I got it. I'm going through a little bit of a 'down' time right now and so relating is easy... but the thought of hope is very needed and so, appreciated.

      Have a wonderful night!


    • Howie Watts profile imageAUTHOR

      Howie Watts 

      5 years ago

      Thank you Cat. I was attempting to take one through a stroll from darkness to light. I am glad you got it and enjoyed it. Thank you so much for sharing and voting up as well. Much appreciated :-)

    • Cantuhearmescream profile image


      5 years ago from New York


      If your poetry is all this wonderful, then by all means, keep writing!

      Very powerful, very beautiful, very deep... very impressed!

      Voted up and others~ Sharing too!



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