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VooDoo LA Xpress Sydney Silver About the Paranormal

Updated on November 11, 2013
Sydney Silver
Sydney Silver | Source

Magic Love Spells and Voo Doo

Archive of La Xpress NewsPaper Column "About the Paranormal"

by Sydney Silver



Does Voo Doo and Magic work? There have been many strange incidents in my life which led me to a belief that I may have been involved in Mo Jo, Hoo Doo, or Voo Doo in a past life. But it was when I was a Freshman at University of Southern California, that I had a close encounter with two groups of boys trying to put love spells on me.

One, was from Zaire. He snipped a piece of my hair, and I found him grinding it in a mortar and pestle later. I sat on my bed telling my roommate fearfully “I think he is trying to do voodoo on me. That stuff doesn’t work, does it?” It was at that EXACT moment, that the plastic part of the magnet on my desk lamp decided to melt off, and it popped off and hit me in the face. We both jumped a mile high.

It was funny, but what wasn’t funny, was when I met a black haired, warlock looking male and his dungeons and dragons looking brown haired friend in the stairwell one day. They grinned at me super funny and I turned slowly. The warlock stuck out his hand. “Nice to meet you again,” he grinned. I didn’t say anything, because I was so shocked. Firstly, I had never met either of these boys before. But certainly, I DID recall them. I remembered them from – WHERE? I still have no idea to this day. Did they drug me and I barely remember? I don’t know.

It was a few nights later, I had carefully folded my clothes for the next day and placed them on my dresser next to my bottles of hairspray and perfume. I went to sleep and had a nightmare. I dreamed that the two boys I had met in the stairwell were doing a magic love spell on me. I did not think I was sleeping. I had woken up in my dark room and I could see them, ghostlike. I started to feel the spell and became very, very afraid. I started resisting it. As I resisted it, the force between my resistance, and their insistence, lifted the items in my room. UP went all of the bottles of perfume, hairspray, my laundry basket, and more, and they started swirling around me, around and around. My eyes were dull with effort and fear, and they started to look like a white blur of items whizzing in a whirlwind around me. I insisted to myself that I did not believe their magic could work on me!

I passed out, and woke up the next morning feeling fine. I was not in love. Everything was ok. I recalled the dream, looked around, and nothing was out of place. Obviously, it had just been a dream.

Then, I went to my dresser to put on the clothes I had laid out and – they were gone. Surprised, I instantly thought of the dream. So – HAD things lifted in the air? I searched the room. The clothes were nowhere to be found. In a slight panic now, I knocked over some bottles of hairspray, and suddenly discovered the clothes.

My clothes were now folded so flat it was as if they had been ironed. They were lying completely hidden under the bottles of hair gloss, spray, perfume, and etc. on my dresser. I hadn’t seen them because my mind never registered that the clothes would be UNDER the bottles.

I stared at the clothes in total disbelief. The oddest part was, it was if the bottles had never been moved – yet – the clothes had somehow shifted under all the bottles without changing the item positions in the slightest. I sat back on my heels and still couldn’t believe it, wondering if I had somehow, sleep walked and done this to my own clothes, then carefully placed all the bottles on top of them in the EXACT position they had been in before. Or – had the events I thought I had seen in the night really occurred?

I slowly put my clothes on, told a few friends, went to class. They laughed at me of course.

It was when I was a Junior at USC, three years later, that I re-met the brown haired boy and his warlock friend. I only knew them for a few weeks, because to be honest, I didn’t enjoy their company 100%. As I was walking home one night from an event with the brown haired boy, I ventured to ask what I had always wondered.

“Were you ever trying to do a love spell on me?” I asked him. He blushed, looked embarrassed, and admitted that yes, he had been. The Warlock had helped him out and had done a spell on me so that I would fall in love. “It didn’t work, obviously, and I’m sorry,” he said.

“I knew you were,” I said. And I told him why I knew. His face crumbled, he looked shocked, surprised, guilty, and very disturbed. He himself, hadn’t believed in the spell – here was some possible proof that the spell was real indeed.

That was the last time we ever spoke.

Sydney Silver is a radio show hostess on and is recounting her real life paranormal experiences and memories. You can also find her at


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