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W. K. Hayes

Updated on September 13, 2020
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As a writer with years of experience in making money online, I thought I would share some useful tips for you.

This is an example:

I am using my website SEO on as a way to show you that the key to being successful online is to diversify. Sticking to one project is like sticking yourself in the corner. Branch out and create multiple streams of income but be prepared to work. Nothing is easy in the real world of making money but you do get to work your own hours.

SEO on

My latest endeavor to help people with new ways to get noticed online.
My latest endeavor to help people with new ways to get noticed online. | Source

SEO on's New Logo

The difference in 3D marketing has changed.
The difference in 3D marketing has changed. | Source

As graphics grow, so should a business

Times have changed since the days of 2D graphics and companies need to grab onto to this change. I enjoy creating 3D art almost as much as I enjoy creating new publications and articles.

As graphics technology grows, I have learned over the years that, standing out as a business should take this into consideration. So, as I continue to design new graphics for my novels and businesses, I need to adapt to a new look that people will remember.

Forbidden Dream

My favorite book cover artwork!
My favorite book cover artwork! | Source

Working online

Working from home comes under various names and disguises but do not be fooled by scams, shams and hams. All three want one thing...your money and yes, they will promise you the world to get it.

Still, there is a lot to be learned by studying their tricks of the trade without actually paying anything. Please, do not take me wrong...I am not encouraging you to be like those with empty promises. I am only referring to the techniques they use, (i.e., these people will use every tool available online to earn an income. Most all of them run a plethora of websites and side gigs to make a living).

Even then, knowing where to start can be the most difficult aspect of getting that income rolling in. This article will provide you with a bunch of information with step-by-step instructions on what works and what to avoid.

Please make sure you save this article to favorites. You will want to refer back often as you progress through each set of how-to instructions. Additionally, if you know something that might help others, please comment and let us make this a group effort.

W. K. Hayes

Writer, blogger, poet and entrepreneur.
Writer, blogger, poet and entrepreneur. | Source

W. K. Hayes

Writing is your first key to success when working online from home. Hubpages is a great place to sign up for free and a great way to earn a passive income from publishing articles. Granted, what you do has to meet their quality guidelines which makes sense but content is king.

As for me, I started writing articles and publishing them on here, years ago. Unfortunately, I was writing to write and not because I wanted to earn a living but just because I enjoy writing and Hubpages is still my favorite outlet for being creative.

However, for you, learn to write engaging articles about today's top topics. As a writer your brand starts with your name. Choose a pen name that suits you. I chose W. K. Hayes since it is my initials but look my pen name up and you will find me at the top of every search engine.

Additionally, I chose this for my pen name because it was something my mom had mentioned long before I ever became a writer but not long after she had passed away.

First Project: Hubpages

Start by signing up with Hubpages using the link below but before you click on any links, make sure you save this article to favorites.

Write great content

As mentioned before, Hubpages cares about their image and they do have certain guidelines you have to follow but most of those guidelines are common sense. What you really need to focus on is the use of proper grammar, avoid foul language, do not use contractions and so forth.

So, with that out of the way, you need to think about what you want to write about. Most people focus on a certain topic and write articles based on that one topic. As for me, I write about anything and everything but do what works for you.

Once you have the subject of your work in mind, get started. Be sure that you pay attention to certain key elements like, adding images, videos and links but try to keep the reader on Hubpages.

There is a wide variety of topics and writers so figure out what will make your work different and NEVER use someone else's work except when making a reference while using a link to their work.

Most of what you need to know is provided by Hubpages while you are, "building", an article. Still, the format is very flexible and you can have some fun getting creative with how your articles look.

The perk to publishing articles on Hubpages is getting your share of the advertising revenue. With Hubpages, you can get set up easily with up to four different income streams where they are available.

Additionally, Hubpages has partnered with other online article sites which can help you get your work listed on other sites.

I cannot tell you what to write about or what is trending but a good trick is to start your day by checking out, "Trending now", on Yahoo's homepage. They usually list the top ten subjects readers are most interested in at that moment.

Work from home

Working from home and making your own hours has become the dream of the world. People do not mind working but we do like the convenience of working when we can from the comfort of our own home.

Speaking of, I have to go take care of some in-home chores but I will get back to this soon. For now, get started by signing up with Hubpages. Use my tips and suggestions and definitely leave a comment if you know something that can help out or if you have a question.

Free Real Help

Free Real Help offers you a variety of ways to get what you want and need and it's all for free.
Free Real Help offers you a variety of ways to get what you want and need and it's all for free. | Source

Free Real Help

When I started this online website, I had one idea in help you and everyone else. Free Real Help takes contributions to help those in need but it also offers a wide variety of ways to get free stuff like food and vehicles. The website also teaches you the tricks to building multiple income streams and how to do that for free.

Each page of the website includes free information, along with links that have been checked and confirmed to work. So, if you want free land, a free car or other free ways to earn a living online then please check out this website but before you do, make sure you save this article to favorites.

I really do enjoy helping people and providing free information is a great way to do my part. Build a website or write an article on Hubpages but do something to share what you think can help others. Together, we will change the world.

Free Real Help 3D Animated Logo Update

Free Real Help just got a new logo and look!
Free Real Help just got a new logo and look! | Source

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 W K Hayes


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