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Updated on September 22, 2011


Resources Unlimited

I would like to comment on the amount of Christian Publishing sites I found on my search. I honestly did not expect to find so many! I could write on this subject until the cows come home, whenever that might be!

For example, you have a site called Inscribe, Christian Writer’s Fellowship which is located in Canada. They have a superb directory for Publishers of all types in alphabetical order. If a Publisher is not listed, there they are probably located on Mars. They also cover almost every perceivable resource for writers.

Then there is They have you give them the type of book you are looking to publish and other information, including how to contact you. From that, they claim they can find just the right Publisher for you! Funny, that they concluded that AuthorHouse would be the perfect fit. Call me syndical, if you want for I have been called worse, but…it would not shock me if I found out that they were affiliated with AuthorHouse. Here is a test, go to there site and find out what they tell you then contact me and let me know.

Another cool site is, Christian E-Authors Blog.Com. They of course are focus on online writing. They have plenty of insights on almost anything to do with writing in an electronic format.

One company that intrigues me is Morris Publishing, who has been in business since 1933 as a commercial printer. They have morphed into a specialized printer in the short-run book industry, publishing books for customers in all 50 states. Through all that time, they have remained a family-owned and operated. That is impressive and something I which there were more of. A family ran business that has stood the test of time!

I will go into more detail in a latter hub; however, I want to take a quick look at a company called Xlibris. Strange name but they maid some intriguing statements I like to quote them on. First, when I ask them if they catered to Christian Authors they said the following: “Many fail to see that the main difference between a Christian publisher or, a publisher for different genres is mainly the marketing that is done for the book.” Then they went on to say…

“Xlibris has Christian Publishing programs, which is geared at promoting your book to the Christian market. Even if you went with other programs, as long as you specify a Christian market for your book, we can help you reach out to that market.”

I would also like to mention the Christian Writers group I belong to, simple called “Christian Writers.” There are some great writers that hangout there in fact, one them Gentleman that calls himself windyrg compiled the Top Ten Christian Trade Publishers I lit below:

Onward Christian Authors!

The Top Ten Christian Trade Publishers of 2008
The Top Ten Christian Trade Publishers of 2008

     1. Thomas Nelson  

     2. Zondervan                                                 

     3. Tyndale House

     4.  Backer

     5.  Waterbrook/Muitnomah

     6. B&H

     7. Harvest House

     8. Faith Works

     9.  Noupress

    10. Barbour

Closing out this segment I want to tell you about one more Book Publishing House focused on Inspirational type of material name HC I Books and there “Ultimate Series.”

This is one of the top leaders in Inspirational books and they are currently taking submissions for something they call The Ultimate Christian. The deadline for this is October 19, 2009. For more information go to


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    • magnoliazz profile image

      magnoliazz 7 years ago from Wisconsin

      Thank you for this hub, I am going to file it away for future reference.