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What Is It With That? - Bring In The Clowns!

Updated on October 31, 2018

By: Wayne Brown

Some things go round and round.  Some go up and some go down.  Some just piss me off.  In fact, there seems to be an endless supply of things in our universe that just piss me off.  It’s true that age thickens the hide and makes an old gator of you but the fact of the matter is with age one’s patience for certain aspects of life just goes to hell.  It just makes you want to give ‘em a good slap across the face and say, “Wake Up Stupid!”


CBS sports golf announcer, Jim Nantz, has his panties in a wad because Tiger Woods mouthed the words “You Suck” to himself while on camera during the Masters this past weekend.  Well guess what Jim?  He did!  Tiger did suck and he knew it.  Maybe if you could quit running your mouth into that microphone long enough you might be able to mouth some words of advice to yourself.  Of course, there’s not much frustration in holding a microphone and looking into the camera.  It’s not like you just sliced into the pine thicket off the fairway of #9.  For the past few months, everyone has been telling the Tiger how much he sucks and now you are offended because he reminded himself.  Come on Jim, now I ask you, ‘what is it with that?’


Our illustrious President Obama continues to hold forth that he will not seek gun control through legislation.  Again, we have the slight of hand at work.  For once, he may be telling the truth but that does not mean that he is not working at it in another way.  Various sources reported this past week that the Obama Administration has reversed a stand taken by the Bush Administration on International Treaties dealing with gun control.  Apparently, if these treaties are signed by our President, ratified by a 2/3’s vote of the Senate, then any stipulations held forth in the treaty regarding gun control, possession, etc. would be implemented upon the good citizens of the United States of America.  There are several things that I despise in this world and cognitive manipulation is very high on my list.  How dare this individual take it upon himself to undermine the Constitution, to destroy the underpinnings of the 2nd Amendment when there is no evidence that a representative will of the people of the United States exists as basis to pursue such actions.  Oh, don’t give me the 2/3’s vote thing with the Senate.  Most of those guys can’t stay awake long enough to read the document this treaty agreement will be buried it.  You can bet that it will be a sugar-coated and well-hidden pill that even those Senators who vote for it can openly complain that they had no idea of the implications of their act.  We supposedly live in a country that subscribes to the democratic process and adheres to the rule of law.  We now have a man in the White House who appears to not give one tinker’s damn what the will of the American people might be.  Now I ask you, ‘what is it with that?’


Oh, and might I mention that President Obama feels that he must create a new vision for NASA and our space program.  Well of course, he and his Congressional thugs are going to tell the medical industry how it should operate on a daily basis, why not take over the realms of the universe as well.  I am reminded of Gene Hackman’s role in the movie “The Quick And The Dead” when he stood in the streets with his pistols strapped to his waist shouting, “This is my town.  I decide who lives and dies”.  That about sums up the intent in the new healthcare package for America, don’t ya think?  Anyway, we all know that Kennedy cited his vision for America in space so why not let Obama claim a similar legacy.  After all, it might be the only positive legacy within his grasp.  I remind you, at the time when Kennedy set the goals for space exploration, we were not overly confident that we could get a rocket off the ground with any great reliability.  We needed a vision at that point.  Today, we do space pretty damn well when the equipment does not suffer catastrophic failures.  Vision is not our issue.  But, Mr. Obama wants the focus on Mars. Apparently, that is the new Muslim Planet.  Well, it looks like a big sand box so I can see the attraction.  So we sit and watch while this President cooks a healthcare package that no one wants, attempts to supersede the 2nd Amendment by signing international treaties, and now wants to run NASA as a sideline.  I don’t know about you, but that just pisses me off and I ask you, ‘what is it with that?’


It seems that the President (I like that term as opposed to “our”) cannot keep his nose out of any area.  I just received word that he along with one of his hence-women, Janet Napolitano, has appointed two “devout Muslims” to posts in the Homeland Security department.  Now, folks, these two “devout Muslims” aren’t by any means just going to be licking envelopes or sorting mail.  One of them, Arif Alikhan, has been sworn in as Assistant Secretary for Policy Development, the other, Kareem Shora, will serve as a member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council.  Shora was born in Damascus, Syria.  Now what do these two have in common with the terrorists who flew the planes into the towers on 9-11 you might ask?  Well, they are all described as “devout Muslims”.  Think back, in this country, have we made a habit of defining political appointees by religious reference in the past.  ‘I present to you Mr. Tom Johnson, a “devout Baptist” who we have appointed to head up the Agriculture Department.’ Sorry Charlie, but we ain’t been doing that.  I am not sure what the hell a “devout Muslim” is in this day and time but I sure as hell would like to know where somebody gets off putting them into key roles in that portion of the government that is charged with the security of our country.  Now I ask you, ‘what is it with that?’


I keep telling myself that once the elections come around, we as a country can take some action to work ourselves out of this mess in which we are entangled.  Time seems to pass slowly and the damage gets greater with each passing day.  Now that just pisses me off all the more when I start thinking about it.  This is one long nightmare.  Just when I thought my dreams could not get any worse someone suggested to me that Hilary Clinton was probably the next nominee for the Supreme Court position that is open. Please, just bring in the clowns!  Now, that really pisses me off and I ask you, ‘what is it with that?’




(Copyright) WBrown2010



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