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W.S. Baronet

Updated on May 6, 2017

W.S. then beheads Gold Dragon.

Ergo, Gold Dragon's DNA is eradicated from Existential Space Sector. Purple Dragon, however, is increasing in power.

The Topaz Pearl did not explode. We must not let the Amethyst Pearl explode.

Existential Space Sector. Violet Clothing must be worn.

Benaiah Knight is training as a Baronetess. Jasper Tiger has the Dragonian Purple Sword. Adino Eznite hooks Jasper Tiger up with 500,000 shekels to help him keep forming his Team of Tiger Knights.

Earl Froth

C Orphanboa III has gained quite a bit of intelligence. He is a slickster. He reads a lot of Psychology books. He is very popular. He still hates Jefe Rioletto X.

He plans to kill Jefe.

February = give 1000 shekels. March = give 1000 shekels. April = give 1000 shekels.

Objective: Keep Amethyst Sandca alive for as long as you can.

Jasper Tiger is a powerful Knight. He is working on becoming a Baronet.

05 = Baronet.

One day JT will be a Baronet. The Jasper Pearl is still missing. We must find the Jasper Pearl. Let's hope that humanity doesn't allow the Amethyst Pearl to explode.

10 years. 2017 - 2027.

C Orphancoat IV has unfortunately taken possession of the Amethyst Pearl. Is there a brave soul who can defeat him and take the Amethyst Pearl over to the side of good?

Ghone Slobaha is found dead

in his sister's home. He was suffering from depression.

W.S. Baronet and Nubianna celebrate their anniversary. Knubi Knight and Lorana Dame celebrate their anniversary. House of Amethyst has a great deal of wealth. We are now in the Amethyst Monkey Era of Dance.


Purple Dragon is a demon.

Read the Book of Jasper Tiger.

Jasper Tiger gets a call. The person tells him that he has just ascended to Baronet. Now his new name is JT Baronet. JT Baronet sends out Amethyst Energy to the universe.

Purple Dragon beats up C Orphancoat IV. Purple Dragon takes the Amethyst Pearl.

The kingdom of C Orphanboa III captures Jefe Rioletto X.

C Orphanboa III decides

to perform his Special Move. As a result, he kills Jefe Rioletto X. Jefe will truly be missed. C Orphanboa III takes the Key of Rill and crushes it in his hand. It is destroyed. C Orphanboa III also takes the Spaceboard and decides to use it as a new vehicle.

AJ poisons the demon. He spikes the drink of Purple Dragon. He fights Purple Dragon and defeats him. AJ retakes the Amethyst Pearl for the good guys. He is now the owner of the Amethyst Pearl. It is a very good thing that the Amethyst Pearl is back on the side of good.

We must do all we can to not

let it go back over into the grasp of evil.

Fangtip McSmatt and AJ get in a fight. AJ beats up Fangtip McSmatt and performs his Special Move. Fangtip is paralyzed by the Parabeauty Slam.

Quazario hates Amethyst Monkey. Quazario wants to be king of Amethyst Castle. He and Amethyst Monkey get in a fight to determine who will rule the kingdom. Amethyst Monkey kicks Quazario's butt. Amethyst Monkey is still king of Amethyst Castle.

Purple Dragon shapeshifts into an Incubus. He enters the bedroom of Nubianna. He violates her in every way possible. Purple Dragon also enters the bedroom of Nikki Jikki Kas.

What does he do?

He violates her in every way possible.

AJ gets a call. The person tells him that he has just ascended to Baronet. Now his new name is AJ Baronet.

A tropical storm hits Amethyst Castle. It is not bad at all. Rainfall occurs, but no serious flooding happens.

Amethyst Shark and AJ Baronet get in a fight on concrete. It's not a pretty sight. Amethyst Shark beats up AJ. Amethyst Shark takes the Amethyst Pearl away from AJ. Now, he will watch over it.

All of a sudden, a UFO shows up at Amethyst Castle. It's a large spaceship. Xandriana descends from it. A blue beam shoots down to the ground and she slowly sinks to earth. She looks very angry.

Purple Dragon shapeshifts into

an Incubus. He enters Amethyst Sandcat's bedroom. He violates her in every way possible.

Amethyst Shark gets a call. The person tells him that he has just ascended to Baronet. Now his new name is Methy Baronet.

A bank donates 100,000 shekels to Amethyst Monkey. They want him to continue forming his Team of Amethyst Tiger Baronets.

Ghone Slobaha, dead as a doornail. Yowza. The thing is, what happened to him? I really do think that investigations need to be conducted by our team of researchers.

My June 2017 Plan

It's nice to have plans that are already set in motion. I plan to receive a lot of money in June. Actually, it's pretty much already guaranteed that I'll be receiving a nice amount of dough in June. The ZionAncientz reward me well. Anywhoo, June is supposed to be a very busy month for me. Also, depending on if the computer game company accepts my game, I'll make even a larger amount of cash. That's no guarantee, however. They may turn down my game. Who really knows?

My wife and I really only have 9 or 10 more years to pay off this house. I just have a really great feeling that we're going to be able to do it. Well, that is, unless World War 3 gets really crazy. Now, if there are EMP attacks and that sort of thing, well, then that's a whole different story. But if life continues such as it has been, then my wife and I will have paid off this house within the next decade or so. God is still blessing us financially. God and Jesus Christ keep Their promises. They said that if we tithe, They will reward us abundantly. I must admit that They have never missed a beat.

Right now I am giving Bachelor's degrees to the few who have earned them. Such individuals have worked hard to hone their Reso Froth skills. It's so funny how Bachelor's degrees from traditional colleges don't mean a hill of beans nowadays.

Classy Clad and his New Start

Classy Clad understands that he must begin work on getting his Bachelor's in Reso Froth. So he watches a video. It is called Dewjnet Bachelor 2020: The Game.

Classy Clad wants his future to shine brighter. Right now it's pretty dim. He and his wife have been fighting over money recently. She left him for 2 months to go live with her mother. He wants to be a B movie actor. That way, Resolamb Gaming can use their space projectors to shine his movies into Space. Classy Clad already has wealth. Now he just wants fame.

He visits some Reso Froth buildings. He visits a couple of Reso Froth towns. He feels a responsibility to carry out the Resolamb mission. What is the Resolamb Mission?

Classy Clad decides to change his name. After all, he's going to need a new role if he wants to be an expert at Bartering. His new name is Human Clad.

Classy Clad watched this video


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