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Wait 1

Updated on August 13, 2011

Wait 1

It is a thing we seem to do

For a minute or an hour or two

Like the watched pot that doesn’t boil

Waiting seems my day to spoil

Is that because I allow it to

While I sit and wait for you

Or is it because I impatient am

To make the most of each hour I can

In shops and stores they do it well

I’ll be with you in a moment the customers tell

A moment stretches evermore

Until you begin to edge to the door

And then the phone begins to call

Excuse me Madam are the words that fall

From the shop assistants lips

As time away from you it slips

Or thank you for waiting as you hold

Listening to a message told

Of how important is your call

And we will get to you one and all

Until you decide you have had enough

And really do not need the stuff

Or hold on and on and tell your mate

I really do not like to wait


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    • Sheila Kennedy profile image

      Sheila Kennedy 6 years ago from Australia

      Thank you Cathie, how do I find you? xoxoxox

    • profile image

      Cathie Sherwood 6 years ago

      Love it, Sheila!! come comment at my places!! hehe

      How much our world is better for you being here, my wondrous one! xxx