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Wait, Don't Go (A Poem)

Updated on February 1, 2015


Wait, don't go yet, theres a knock on the door, by the light of the moon, Come stay a while, I can see your hands begin to wrinkle, and a forced smile. Cross your legs, and lean away, so close yet so distant. Your shoulders, as tense as a brick wall, runner that never stops running. Your silence would be golden, but i can hear it loud and clear, don't go, wait, stay. Stay by the light of the moon, ash, drag, inhale, exhale, stare, but don't go. Turn your head slightly into the light, let me see the traces of happy moments, that once where, yet now remain as a line of a memory long gone. Stop shaking your legs, sit still, your body language says a thousand words per minute, your silence is too loud. Blink, make it a habit, blink in order to block me from your thoughts. Runner who doesn't stop. Stop, sit down, come love, stay a while, by the light of this moon, let me share my silence with you, and tell you different tales of vast emptiness, because this silence is breaking your tension into many little pieces, of who you once used to be, of this song that plays over and over again, hipothesis. The confusion sets in, and breathes, cast a spell, but what if your silence has no more tales to tell? Wait, please, sit, one last time, let the light of the moon enter your skin, show me where your beauty was once set it, show me the wound turned you into ice, is it shaped like an Owl in the middle of the night? Walk away, i can't make you stay, But please turn around walk again, this way, feel the breeze whispering a thousand songs of sympathy. Come, here, hold my hand, lets stare into the infinite desert of your empty eyes, lets hold hands, by the moon light.


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