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Waiting for Tomorrow

Updated on January 2, 2018

Waiting for tomorrow

yesterday's gone no time for sorrow

memories relived take me back

a conscious distraction fading track

somewhere in the sky so blue

another day calling you

not much time to quietly resent

forced back to a vivid present

not much time to really discover

a painful memory that tries to recover

details whisper through the mist

remember youth when life was kissed

never a reason to wonder why

when your older time seems to fly

shadows linger like a dream

images remain that once were seen

the rain has turned the steel to rust

the frost has turned the bricks to dust

moments fritter like a blaze

the cycle of life begins to faze

you seem to watch the morning sun

chase the moon on an endless run

children grow like blades of grass

their innocent smiles so quick to pass

before you've noticed they've left home

what happened to the time while they had grown

hair so dark now goes away

those tumbling locks turn to grey

wrinkled faces eye's still young

begin to stare yet don't belong

soon forgotten left to weep

a single day feels like a week

once upon a time when you was in favour

the life of the party or someone's saviour

seemed to be noticed by one and all

amongst your family standing tall

we think the future holds the key

somewhere everyone wants to be

when your young you just cant wait

when we're old it's now to late

sadly alone within a memory

looking back across times vast sea

swallowed by the rolling waves

lost in regret the tears he saves

generations come and then they go

we're remembered by the seeds we sow

but if like some you walk alone

the ground remains empty nothing has grown

till beneath the sod you crumble

flowers of grief begin to stumble

nothing left to show your existence

maybe a memory with constant persistence


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  • abbaelijah profile image

    Abba Elijah aka elijagod 3 years ago from Abuja - Nigeria

    what a wonderful hub !

    but if i may say,

    Why not put them in verses for easy reading and eye catching....

    Just suggesting...

    well done sir and thanks for sharing !