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Waiting for When

Updated on April 22, 2010

Prison Tour in Ireland

Prison Tour in Dublin, Ireland
Prison Tour in Dublin, Ireland

Waiting for When

When I was starting to try to get the hang of living life, I lived my life in the frame of mind that 'my life starts when.'

When I declare my major--no, when I graduate--no, when I go back to school.
No that isn't right, my life starts when I move.
I've got it! It starts right after I marry this guy, of course.
Scratch that, it starts when I break up with this guy.
It starts right after I get dirty, except, no it really will begin when I come clean--and this has been eating at me, and before it takes one more bite...I'm telling, tonight.
My life starts when I'm out of debt, right up until I have a reason to make some more, I guess.
Right after this diet, no 'healthy lifestyle change', my life will begin.
No, my life happens once he recovers, once I recover, then we start to live--why would I want to be the healthy one?
On the other side of that mountain, at the mouth of that jungle, that's where the beginning of my life is. After Beijing, Rio, Dublin, Prague, Warsaw, Hermasillo, London, Isreal, I see my life happening.
My life will begin when this show is over, when this pain is over!
Life begins once I learn this lesson,
Once I figure out how not to believe in you.
It starts when I can smile at you, and mean it, it starts when all is forgiven. And are you certain you have me all figured out?
It'll start once I rescue, or as soon I get rescued. It starts once I catch this cab, or catch this dream, or catch this flipping dog!
It starts right after this flight, right after this success, right after I forget this failure.

But when the light switch is flipped, suddenly I realize that this IS my life, all of it. And it was, and it is...phenomenal.

 Mi Dios, La Mayoria Del Santo, no hay nadie como tu. Gracias por la vida, todo lo que es y todo lo que puede ser.  (My God, most holy one, there is no one like you.  Thank you for life, all that it is, and all that it can be).


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    • ahostagesituation profile image

      SJ 8 years ago

      No sweat, and your writing is great. Thanks for the mail!

    • profile image

      hubpageswriter 8 years ago

      Life is like a waiting game and it can be a beautiful as well as an ugly ride. But we have God to turn to and seek solace. Welcome to Hubpages, and thanks for your comment to my hub.