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Waiting his arrival

Updated on June 11, 2016

I can't think,

what should I do,

because he hasn't

returned to me, yet.

Two un-inhabitant eyes,

are searching him,

neither he, nor his face,

appeared before, these thirsty.

Whenever, any whisper,

or some footsteps,

make loud noise,

my expectations,

with uncontrolled imagine,

runs out of my mind.

I pray him to please take care,

the love threads of ours,

may not be broken,

because our love,

faster than a storm,

beyond control,

can't be hidden.

If is like a spring,

If he is like a rain,

I am just a small,

tiny but water laden cloud.

From the very first ray of sun,

till the last ray of it,

passed away.

The time has changed face,

this whole world,

defeated with sleepiness,

but I forgot the pleasure of sleeping,

I am afraid, mind is thrilling,

With my full swings,

I loudly cry to the vacant sky,

but he has not returned yet.


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