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Waiting in a World of Hurry

Updated on September 13, 2017

Prompted to wait

“Ooh, Honey,” the wife exclaimed observing the traffic light, “it’s green. Step on the gas so we can get through before it turns red.”

“But we’re too far back, Sweetheart,” responded the husband. “We’ll never make it,” he continued as the light flashed its yellow beam.”

“Hurry anyway, dear,” the wife spoke. “For sure we can make it through the yellow,” she began again, than stopped, the husband stopping at the now red light.

“Sorry Dear,” he said turning to his pretty wife, seeing her now relax with a deep sigh.

And so they wait – patiently at that red traffic light – a moment’s pause for reflection on the treasures of waiting, and on the One who brought everything into being in His time.

Most blessed to wait

Oh, how blessed it is, to be permitted to make a right turn on red these days, and that after we stop on red. Where I exit the freeway on my way home from work each evening, just before midnight, there are two right turn lanes. But only the far right outer lane permits a turn on red – after stop.

I generally get into that inner right lane where I have to stop – and wait. I don’t mind doing so; the waiting is only about a minute. In so waiting I watch as other vehicles come up in the far right outer lane, where they can make that right turn, even on red. I’m amazed in watching it all, noticing that some barely stop. Just slowing to a cautious speed. Seeing that all is clear, they continue to make their right turn.

In today’s fast-paced society the word wait seems to have lost it’s meaning, except impatience toward the one who tries to practice it.

Traveling the other direction down that freeway at the exit is also a traffic light. Needless to say, I hope also to get to stop at that light – for a moment’s pause, for a moment’s wait – no rush, no hurry, relax, and trust.

To Rest and Reflect

“Honk, honk," sounds a car horn behind the couple sitting at that traffic light, having just turned green. Checking the rear view mirror, the husband gestures a friendly thank you wave toward the driver in the vehicle behind him, and moves out.

“He’s in a hurry,” the wife remarked with a smile. Her husband returned his own smile, and a wink.

Continuing on their way, they soon approach the freeway on-ramp for their continued journey home. Upon merging into the thru traffic, the wife spies a familiar blue sign: REST AREA, 1 MILE.

“Ooh, Honey,” she exclaimed. “Let’s take it.”

“What? That rest area?” the husband asked.


“But we just got on the freeway. Why do you want a rest area so soon?”

A moment’s sigh in contemplation, the wife then answers, smiling toward her husband, “To rest, reflect,” Another brief pause, she then concluded with a gleam in her eye, “To wait for awhile in a world of hurry.”

For further reflection consider my other hub Breaking Away from the Human Rush.

© 2016 Charles Newcombe


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