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Waiting poetry by Ashley Pentycofe

Updated on July 25, 2012


I stand impatiently, foot taping against the wall

Waiting…waiting for the plane

There are people all around also waiting

“How long has it been” I think

Too long to keep waiting…

Before the army you and I were lost

Our relationship slowly drifting apart

Our differences slowly eroding away our sisterhood

I was worried about you then, just as I am now

The army changed you and the gap between us was filled

We are close again, and then when you left for war I felt like I was losing my right lung

“I need you, please be careful” I pleaded

Then I see it I run to the window

My face pressed up against the glass

It’s almost as if I can taste your presence

I didn’t have to say a word

My actions were key

Our family and the other soldier’s families gather like flowers in a vase

Toppling over one another trying to reach the sun

Memories flash like lighting

The doors open I catch my breath

As if it were you and I would never let go again

“Hurry up!” I think

I hear voices, I see green camo…

There she is… I can’t wait any longer

I burst through the crowd breaking the vase that contained us

Objects fall to the floor taking second importance to the returning soldiers

My sister sees me and my family

Relief and surprise battle each other on her face

We collide like tectonic plate, tears fly and shoulders shake

I am done waiting

Ashley Pentycofe July 2, 2012


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