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Wake Up

Updated on December 12, 2011
Calgary, Alberta. taken August 2011 By Sarah Haworth. (C).
Calgary, Alberta. taken August 2011 By Sarah Haworth. (C).

Wake up to the smell of life
To life that you almost had
Wake up to the life
The life that made you dad
When you walk down the street hear them snicker
When you talk, hear them whisper

When I woke up today I missed you
Something that I didn't do
Walk your own way son,
Leave and be free

But this morning I just needed you
To find your own way home

Where is everybody?
It's like I'm going insane
There’s a place for that
Never again will I want
To use your name in vain

But when I wake up today
It's to the life I let you have
Full of passion drawn from poison

Let me fill the picnic basket
And let you do the pick;
One for the master, one for the Dane
Or one for the little boy who lives down the lane?

Just fly and let your soul be free, chose the One who gets rid of me
And just remember boy; when you wake up tomorrow, don’t show your sorrow or around the bend you'll go
And like me you'll be
Violent and un-free.


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    • streetdancer profile image

      Sarah H 5 years ago from Canada

      angelsfire - thanks :):):):)

    • profile image

      Angelsfire 5 years ago

      Brilliant imagery! Flowing and smooth. Love this!!