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Walking Around

Updated on October 2, 2012

Walking around to get some air

but it seems it's just not fair

People are going round much faster.

I think it's all to do with pasta.

That's what i say and what i'll cling to

even if it's not really true.

It's just the pressure to compete

to really quickly move your feet.

It's not as if i'm on trial

so i don't need any great denial

i'm just out for some air and exercise

and not for any great prize.

So i'll walk by and take deep breaths

I'm not going to give myself stress

just relax and settle down

and walk around all over town.

Now when i'm walking to get some air

everything seems more than fair

I move my legs and move my feet.

This stuff's really up my street.

Doing it more is quite relaxing

No way i would call it taxing.

Every day and every mile

brings out a little smile.

Now i see others starting walking

and they need to stop as their knees are locking.

but in a while they'll be improving

and want to go on keep moving.


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