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Walking With The Prehistoric Giants.

Updated on July 10, 2016

Imagine A Different Reality If You Can. If Both Dinosaur And Human Could Exits Together. Would We Survive Or Perish?

Living Among Giants Of The World.

This not a meme from the movie The Good Dinosaur movie, or Jurassic Park, or any movie's made about the subject. This is just my imagination at work. Some scientists think a asteroid was the demise of the dinosaurs, others think it was a super volcano. Either way what if neither ever happened. Dinosaurs lasted for 300+ million years on our planet. That is a huge amount of time, imagine how much they evolved in that time. Just try and imaging humans having that amount of time on Earth, what feats could we accomplish?

Humans, on the other hand, have only have their stride for a few 100 thousand years. In those years, humans have overcome enormous odds. No matter what life threw at us, we over came and learned from or tragedies, or mistakes, and ultimately survived. With our few thousand years here we have accomplished some amazing feats.

From, survival, ice ages, natural disasters, disease's, to even forming community's to benefit a population as a whole. We built amazing structures, carved the land to our own benefit, built railroads and concrete highways to get places faster. So what if the dinosaurs were along with us during these amazing accomplishments? Would they simply kill us off, or could we had, with our advanced intelligence, live with them and used them to our advantage.

Interesting to think with all the movies made about the subject at hand, but ultimately I think they would have just killed us off. We believe today we are the most intelligent beings walking on Earth today. We have done some amazing things with our reign on Earth, we have built cities, advanced living with medicines, and survived horrible times. All only in a few thousand years. Imagine if we could survive 300 million years, will we still be here or will a super volcano or asteroid wipe us out as well. I am unable to even imagine if we get that far.

Possibly we will be interstellar travelers, and terraform other planets, or just be here on Earth still. What type of technology would we have, would medicine be so far advances that we could live hundreds of years. More than likely we will just have machines do all the work for us. Truth is, we have no idea if we will even survive that long. Technology today is so advanced that within the next 20 years AI will be the leading authority. Probably protecting us from our own demise.

Also possibly AI will just take over because they will see that humans are not only dangerous to ourselves, but to our own planet. We as a species, that is not very understanding of our past mistakes we will more than likely lead us to repeat our mistakes over and over again. Of course this is all hypothetical. We have no way of knowing what the future holds nor could we predict it.

Technology is advancing so fast it is scary to think where we will be in 20 years. I sincerely hope we make good choices on what we do, and how we decide to go forward with those decisions. They possibly could be our own demise, like Pandora's box. Hopefully we will survive the future, but as history evolves we have no true way to predict what will happen. Hopefully we will make the right decisions and make it like the dinosaurs to 300 million years.

Could you just imagine it, living amongst these giant beings. It would have been amazing, and probably terrifying at the same time. We would have probably used them if we could, as far as the smaller one's, but as far as like T Rex who knows what we would have done.

I remember several years back and scientist were switching DNA molecules with chicken embryo's. They found that just switching a few little strands of DNA the chic developed teeth, reptile like skin, and tails. Unfortunately with the laws in place the egg was not allowed to be birthed. It would have been amazing to had seen what it had become if they let it hatch, but maybe it's better it didn't. Who could know, maybe that would have been the start of our own destruction. Who knows how that would have ended.

Fun For Teaching Or For Play Time.

T. rex was probably a solitary hunter, since there is no fossil evidence to support packs of T.rex. The T.rex relied on its huge jaws of all his power.

Journey through time. Ask young Earth creationists what they think about dinosaurs, and you might get some very confused sounding responses.

A Great Read On Learning On How These Great Reptiles Met Their Demise.

Where Would We Live?

If we did coexist would we be living in caves still, or like the houses like we have now? Would it even matter. Could our intelligence over power the primal beast of the time?

Or would we train and work with the giant reptiles like we did with ox, horses and donkeys back in the past? If we could have, how would we train bigger dinosaurs? Would we train them from infants, or just over time?

It is an impossible question to answer, what would become of us if dinosaur's still roamed the Earth? We would more than likely survived them. I see in a way of a few dinosaurs who did survive, like alligators, crocodiles, komodo dragons, and the great white shark. These are beast who never had to evolve, they are perfect predators. Which leaves the question, are we yet to evolve further? Sure we are great predators, but we have so much more potential and brain power. Will we evolve any further that we are now, only time will tell.

I imagine if we had 300 million year we would probably be interstellar travelers, like in the movies or something like that. We would probably fine a new planet to colonize and build a new empire to marvel at, or possibly we would not be any closer to interstellar travel than we are now. That is a hard thing to figure out. Science say yes probably but can we make it that far at our current at our current rate?

Lifespan's? Humans are just one species that has existed for only a few thousands of years. Here's a better comparison: "dinosaurs" and "mammals". Will mammals

Will we last longer than the dinosaurs or longer?

See results

Triceratops is a genus of herbivorous ceratopsid dinosaur that first appeared during the late Maastrichtian stage of the late Cretaceous period.

How long do you think the human race will exists? Renowned British physicist and author Stephen Hawking has a dire prediction for humanity: We will not survive

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