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Walking Your Path Of Ways

Updated on February 10, 2017

Walking your path of ways you may think that you are alone.

But at the end of all the things that you experienced your strength of potential will is truthfully shown.

As each day you persevere walking your turf of path way day by day.

Never to let anything or anyone keep you down.

As you have walked your pathway for so very long.

And now you know the way.

To understand the individuals that are fake and to know the ones that truly care.

In your life Yes! Things happen and you should always learn from them.

To always build yourself up and to never fall on knees and hem.

It's a testing way.

With words trials tribulation and individuals that did things to you and never cared.

All was in the plan to keep you standing on a strong foundation of motivational heart's hand.

To gain your place.

And with time never uselessly waste.

Always put yourself in view.

To do the right positive things that you are destined to do.

Your path may sometimes feel lonely but I can assure you alone you are not.

As you have guardian Angels walking with you all around the clock.

To always help you in the way.

To know the right things to do and say.

And to go on your path of self-worth.

A path you have walked that you know years after birth.

You have been brave from the start and will always continue to be.

As your inner eyes and ears open up more for you to continue to hear and see.

To do the things that you must.

As you walk with self in trust.


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