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Updated on May 19, 2012
Talking taking turnin...
Talking taking turnin... | Source

Waking walking working what do I do now it's night

Laying lounging loafing filling up with food and fight

Feeling fairly faddish fading facing far afield

Knowing kneeling kneading but the head has yet to yield

Into the intuitive inside the second slice

Secondary sightings set to select treason twice

Thirsty throat thrusting through things

Stop stand and then think thrice

Waking walking working wondering why when where and what

Faking fine felicity with a high stepping strut

Standing on the street to stop and stare at stately strollers

Riding on the rails to realize becoming rollers

People pacified with peripatetic palaver

Come to the conclusion I'm the cleverest cadaver

Talking taking totally trying to tell the truth

Unfortunately unfit to understand and uncouth

Quietly and quickly quenching fires from every angle

Hopefully hoping this hopelessness can be untangled

Waking walking working wondering why I'm interested

Being better than the best is just the same as being bested

copyright (c) 2011 christopher w neal all rights reserved


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