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Wanting A Dream

Updated on April 7, 2015

Wanting A Dream

Everyone wants what they want out of life either it is a dream or something as little to change something to get them to that path they want to be on. It is not going to be easy sometimes it may take longer then you expected or you just might get lucky and it doesn't. Well the dream I have is to inspire people in some type of way in this life. I want to see when I write does it connect with the person that is reading it, or if they get a visual picture in there head like I do when I read something. It is the little satisfaction I want it does not have to be for fame all though that would be cool. I'm finally coming out of my shell and doing writing for more then one person to see, it makes me nervous,shy and no one even can see me. These things I think and write come from my heart or it is something that just comes to me like an idea and i am so happy that my words are finally being put out for the world to see. Even though it is all little new and scary to me.


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