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Wanting No More

Updated on March 25, 2012

Wanting No More...

Thirsty for more, hungry for what's out there to explore, unknown, untouched, unseen, or even unheard.
No pain to leave behind I've broken all my ties.
To the one I loved all so new, knew to me once in a far away thought.
In the back of my mind when I fated destiny.
Burdens way me down, like no one knew.
Hanging on for dear life, felt like it was sucking out my life’s energy.
I only want what's right, rightfully mines, and maybe I'll take a lil bit more.
Giving none of me but allowing all of me to reach out my arms and open my ears to love so near.
Clustered and cluttered thoughts whisk through me with no explanations of why they're on my side.
Spotting glimpses of me and some pretty girl, who ever thought she'd come into my world.
My far off world of fun ideas and outrageous thoughts of explorations leaves me always wanting to know more.
Love me, leave me and I'll still remain as I am, as I were.

© copyright 2011. All Rights Reserved.


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