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In My Dream

Updated on May 17, 2012
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Maria is from Melbourne, Australia. She writes poetry and song lyrics collaborating with musicians who give life to her words through music.

I knew you long ago

You were by my side during the war

When the evil doers tried to take

What didn’t belong to them

You tended to my wounds

Dried my tears of despair

Helped me on my feet

And to leave me alone, you did not dare

At night, I slept little

A soldier must try to stay awake

The enemy lurks and is always ready

Surrounding you when you least expect it

Wanting to stealthily attack

Like a thief in the night

If I fell asleep, it would not be for long

But in our dreams, time is not measured

In my dream

I knew you would be waiting

There you sat happily on a rock

By the bubbling brook

Cooling your feet

In the fresh gushing water

I would enjoy watching you from afar

Curiously wondering what you were thinking

At times you looked around

Wondering if I would come

Then you would see me

Soaking the warmth of the midday sun

You would leap up and courageously jump over the rocks

To meet and embrace me

Your first words like a prayer were always

“I love you. I will never forsake you”

Then you would kiss me gentle on my lips

As a Prince would kiss a Princess

My body, weary from the day’s battle would tremble

As you held me in your arms -

I knew you would never let me fall

In my dream

I wished I did not have to return to my duties

I wished I could put down my weapons of war

I wished I would never wake to see another earthly day

In my dream

We would walk in the temperate rainforest

And I would brush my hand against

The fronds of the tree ferns wet with dew

And I could feel the love I had for you

How beautiful and green they looked

Those curious umbrellas carpeting the floor

As they bathed in filtered sunlight

That penetrated heaven’s door

In my dream

We walked hand in hand

Healed by simple peace and quiet.

Yes there was war on Earth

But here in my dream I was safe

Nothing could break the silence

But some fretting bird calling its mate

Even the least of God's creatures

Deserve to be in love

In my dream

We never grew old

We were always beautiful

Always chasing each other

Like children

In our Garden of Eden

Once you even climbed a tree

To hide from me

But I found you


In my dream

There can be no loss

In my dream

There was no pain

No enemies to subdue

Nor could Satan and his legions enter

Just me and you

In my dream

Our hearts were as one

Our love was eternal

Our souls indivisible

We were immortal

© Copyright Maria D'Alessandro 2012. All Rights Reserved.


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