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Warm Embrace -a poem

Updated on July 29, 2013
Copyright- Nick Wolf
Copyright- Nick Wolf

'Warm Embrace'
The sunshine grips on my face,
Like a warm embrace
A warm embrace of comfort and peace
A warm embrace of contentment and optimistic hope
Days go by,
But still I find
That this warm embrace
Tends to be replaced
By the darkness that is found within myself
Will I let this hopefulness be replaced by the traumatizing fear and uncertainty,
that this darkness brings?
Will I let the negativity replace the positivity,
that I have found?
Can I stay out of the pit of sinking sand and the cave of isolation,
that I tend to place myself in?
I'd rather live my life in this hopeful embrace that I find in the sunshine,
than in this cold and depressing isolation that tends to cloud my mind
"One step at a time"
"One day at a time"
I know I'll be happy,
Because I see that all that has gone on
Is just being used for my good,
And to bring my God the glory
All this stress
All this pain
All the darkness I have felt within;
Is giving me strength to live
To live the impactful, hope-giving life that I was created to live
The sunshine grips on my face,
Like a warm embrace
I no longer want it to be replaced
"Keep going"
"Keep your head up"
"Don't give up"
"Keep walking in this warm embrace"

-Nick Wolf 5/22/2013


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