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Warriors Complete Series 1 by Erin Hunter

Updated on May 21, 2012

Warriors are the name of a series of books by author Erin Hunter.

Aimed at 10 years old, Warriors tells the stories of groups of cats, called clans, that lived long ago in a forest. Each group of cats has their own hierarchy and set order within the group, and of course there are packs of cats from outside the groups who live without order.

The first set of books, the original Warriors, were published between 2003 and 2004. Their background is a little unusual because the idea for the books was through up by book publisher HarperCollins.

They had asked Oxford graduate writer Victoria Holmes to write a fantasy book series involving feral cats. However, Victoria Holmes felt she was outwith her depth as fantasy wasn't really her thing, and so after writing one storyline, she brought in another author, Kate Cary to help write the actual books.

Kate Cary actually wrote books 1 and 2 of the first series - Into the Wild and Fire and Ice.

The name Erin Hunter is a pseudonym for all the writers involved in the writing of Warriors. It ensures that all the books in the series will be filed together in libraries the world over. This is why the individual writers names have not been used. Hunter is synonymous with what cats do.

warrior cats
warrior cats

For book 3, Forest of Secrets, Englishwoman Cherith Baldry had joined the troop and this was her first effort. She wrote the book while Victoria Holmes edited it and prepared it for publishing.

All the book in the original Warriors series are as follows:

  1. Into the Wild
  2. Fire and Ice
  3. Forest of Secrets
  4. Rising Storm
  5. A Dangerous Path
  6. The Darkest hour

Last but not least, American writer Tui Sutherland joined the trio to become the fourth writer of the warriors series, writing under the umbrella name of Erin Hunter.

Into the wild - Warriors book 1

Into the Wild (Warriors, Book 1)
Into the Wild (Warriors, Book 1)

available inn hardcover or paperback

Into the wild by Erin Hunter
Into the wild by Erin Hunter

Warriors #1: Into the Wild by Erin Hunter

Aimed originally at 9 - 12 year olds, Warriors is rapidly gaining popularity among the adult population too. In this very first book the scene is set.

Four clans of feral cats live in a forest - ShadowClan, WindClan, RiverClan and ThunderClan. All in not peaceful, however. Man, (called Twolegs in the books), is encroaching more and more into the forest and so the cats' territories and ultimately food supplies are dwindling.

The dark and dangerous ShadowClan have banished WindClan and are demanding hunting rights in the territories of RiverClan and ThunderClan.

Meanwhile a kittypet (housecat) called Rusty is longing for some adventure. A ginger tom, he is cossetted at home but dreams of excitement. One night he takes a trip into the forest looking for mice, and encounters some ThunderClan members. He is enchanted and joins the Clan where is renamed Firepaw.

The scene is set for some exciting wild cat adventures and this book does not disappoint.

Adults may find some of the action predictable, but children love this book as it is a learning experience for them.

Fire and Ice - Warriors book 2

Fire and Ice (Warriors, Book 2)
Fire and Ice (Warriors, Book 2)

available in hardcover, paperback or Kindle

Fire and ice by Erin Hunter
Fire and ice by Erin Hunter

Fire and Ice (Warriors, Book 2) by Erin Hunter

Firepaw has completed his apprenticeship and is now a full blown warrior and is renamed Fireheart, although he is still not completely accepted by a lot of the ThunderClan cats.

WindClan is missing and Bluestar, ThunderClan's leader, sends Fireheart and Graystripe to look for them.

Graystripe seems to have fallen in love with Silverstream, a member of RiverClan.

Fireheart does his best to keep his friend away, and warrior code strictly forbids love between two different clan members.

Meanwhile, Fireheart bumps into a kittypet friend from his old life, and brings him to join the Clan, but the other cats don't accept him.

A lot of characters, a lot of names to remember, and a lot of excitement, but easier for children to understand if they've already read the first book.

Forest of Secrets (Warriors, Book 3)

Forest of Secrets (Warriors, Book 3)
Forest of Secrets (Warriors, Book 3)

available in hardcover, paperback or Kindle

Forest Of Secrets by Erin Hunter
Forest Of Secrets by Erin Hunter

Forest of Secrets (Warriors, Book 3) by Erin Hunter

The adventures continue with Fireheart & co.

This time, the ex-housecat is deeply suspicious that Fireclaw, the deputy leader of ThunderClan is planning to murder the leader and take-over the Clan.

Meanwhile, many cats are getting sick from poisoned fish in the river, and food for all the Clans is scarce.

Tensions are running high.

Cat allegiances are split as Fireclaw is exiled, and to cap it all Silverstream dies giving birth to graystripes kittens. Their secret alliance is revealed much to the chagrin of both clans and a fight begins between them over the kits.

Fireheart finds himself promoted to deputy leader.

This book is incredibly sad in places, and quite violent too, but it's guaranteed the chidren will love it.

Rising Storm (Warriors, Book 4)

Rising Storm (Warriors, Book 4)
Rising Storm (Warriors, Book 4)

available in Kindle, hardcover and paperback

Rising Storm by Erin Hunter
Rising Storm by Erin Hunter

Rising Storm (Warriors, Book 4) by Erin Hunter

Described invariably as the favorite book of the series by many of its young readers, Rising storm can actually be read on its own seeing as the inside cover gives a break down of the characters and their previous exploits.

Fireheart is deputy leader, but finds himself taking on more and more responsibilities as the leader, Bluestar seems to have become a withdrawn shadow of her former self.

Tigerclaw, although exiled, is still causing trouble for ThunderClan by attacking patrolling warriors.

Fireheart is also having problems with Cloudclaw, the kittypet he brought in to the clan, who is now his apprentice warrior.

Cloudpaw has been breaking warrior code and it is Fireheart's job to bring him into line before he finds himself exiled.

In addition, Fireheart himself may be falling in love for the first time which may appeal to older children going through the same emotions.

With an outbreak of fire, and with the cats being chased by dogs brought into the forest by Twolegs, this is another exciting book sure to be enjoyed by all.

A Dangerous Path (Warriors #5)

A Dangerous Path (Warriors #5)
A Dangerous Path (Warriors #5)

available in Kindle, paperback and hardback

A Dangerous Path by Erin Hunter
A Dangerous Path by Erin Hunter

A Dangerous Path (Warriors #5) by Erin Hunter

Described as the most exciting book of the lot, Bluestar's demise continues and she is now incapable of looking after her clan.

Fireheart has to not only take on more responsibilities, but he has to keep Bluestar in check. She is still giving orders and declaring war on the other clans.

Such is her mental state that she believes all her cats are betraying her, even when they are not. StarClan, the spiritual leaders, have deserted her.

Tigerclaw is still causing trouble from outside, and a new and formidable enemy appears in the form of Tigerstar, ShadowClan''s new leader who has help from Tigerclaw.

More packs of dogs enter the forest, killing some young warrior cats and maiming others horrendously.

Meanwhile, Fireheart and Sandstorm face a some difficulties in their rocky relationship.

Cloudpaw is still headstrong and wilful and needs to be pulled into line.

The climax of this book is very exciting, and very sad.

The Darkest Hour (Warriors, Book 6)

The Darkest Hour (Warriors, Book 6)
The Darkest Hour (Warriors, Book 6)

available in Kindle, hardcover and paperback

The Darkest Hour (Warriors, Book 6)
The Darkest Hour (Warriors, Book 6)

The Darkest Hour (Warriors, Book 6) by Erin Hunter

The most violent of all the Warrior books, the finale in the series is dark and dangerous and a thoroughly good read.

Fireheart is now leader of ThunderClan, and has been renamed Firestar by the cat spirits.

His arch enemy, Tigerclaw, is now Tigerstar having taken over leadership of ShadowClan and wants all the clans to unite under the one banner, TigerClan.

Firestar has to fight like never before for his own life and those of the whole ThunderClan.

Tigerstar has filled the forest with rogue cats which ends up resulting in his death, and finally all four clans must join together to drive out the rogue cats.

This was the perfect ending to the whole series, and it gained so many fans it is no surprise than more books have been written since.


Warriors set the field for what is growing into a world-wide phenomenon. Children everywhere want to to emulate their heroes, and many warrior cat forums and chatrooms have been set up to allow kids to enact the lives of the feral cats in these books.


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      7 years ago

      who loves Warriors?! I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      What a F***** hub!

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      What kind of hub is this? There are much better ones than this!


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