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Was a Facebook User.

Updated on July 3, 2013

He's closing down his account

It has him in a bind

You don't hear even when he shouts

Cool friend's he cannot find

He ain't got no hope

It's sad believing that he may do

Comments loop his neck like a rope

And now damn straight he's through

Go ahead knock yourself out

Throw yourself into the fray

No matter if you whisper or shout

He don't hear a word you say

It's time to go he's had enough

He won't be there no more

You might think it's just so tough

He's sorry he's such a bore

Everyone seems so stuck up

Their ambiguity makes him so sad

You only have to take a look

Behind their smiles they are so bad

All comfy in their pretty little life

They laugh and squeeze their ass

Ignoring those who don't have a choice

They let the moment pass

So forget it he's out a here

Carry on and spout your shite

Go hide behind your invisible fear

Believing you are always right

Don't look for him he just don't care

He'd rather be by himself

False sympathy that you try to share

Settles like dust upon the shelf

He knows when he's not wanted

He's read the signals right

No one would miss him if he was dead

So he may as well be out of sight

So he's closing his profile down

And nobody will even care

Had enough of being the clown

Don't ask for reasons he won't share.


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