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Home of "The Biggest Liar" Competition is in Cumbria, England

Updated on January 21, 2013

Wasdale Head

Wasdale Head is a small village in the Lake District National Park in Cumbria, in Northwestern England. Wasdale Head is famous for three claims: the highest mountain (Scafell Peak), the deepest lake (Wastwater), the smallest church and the biggest liar in England. Wasdale Head sits in a remote and beautiful valley that is known for agriculture, and the biggest liar competition held every year in November to honor the memory of Will Ritson (1808-1890). Ritson was a pub landlord, known for telling tall tales and spinning good yarns. Will Ritson was sincere, genuine, and insisted that his tales were all true. One of Ritson's most famous tales was about turnips that grew so large in the Lake District, that people carved them out to make cow sheds. Another tall tale told by Ritson, was about a wounded eagle that he had found near his chicken coop. He nursed it back to health and then, a female hound had raided the chicken coop, but left the eagle unharmed. Then, five months later the female hound gave birth to a litter of winged hounds.

Cumbria, England

Cumbria, England:
Cumbria, UK

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Cumbria, England is known for agriculture, highest mountain peak, deepest lake, and the smallest church in England, and the Biggest Liar Competition.

Bridge Inn

Bridge Inn
Bridge Inn | Source

The World's Biggest Liar Competition

The biggest liar competition is held every year in November on a Thursday at the Bridge Inn. It is an open worldwide competition, with the exception, that politicians and lawyers are barred from entering the contest, because they would have an unfair advantage. Contestants have up to five minutes to tell the biggest lies that they can think of, that must be convincing, and then, judges decide who is the biggest liar that is worthy to follow in the footsteps of Will Ritson. The winner of the biggest liar competition wins a trophy. The contestants are not allowed to use props or scripts. The competition is sponsored by a local brewer (Jennings), which produced a "World's Biggest Liar" ale to mark the yearly event. The fibbers all vie for the title of the biggest liar to win a trophy and to follow in the footsteps of Will Ritson.

The World's Biggest Liar Competition

The World's Biggest Liars and Cumbria, England

The world's biggest liar competition is held annually in November on a Thursday at a remote pub in Cumbria, England. The competition is open worldwide, but excludes politicians and lawyers, because of their unfair advantage. Cumbria is known for its three most famous claims, and for rock climbing and walking. Cumbria sits in a remote and beautiful valley, known for the famous world's biggest liars competition, and attracts attention worldwide.


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