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Wash Your Dishes

Updated on August 13, 2011

Don't clog the's not good for the piping,
The carrot smacked the faucet...another droplet down,
Croutons...hamburger...well the drain caught that...
Clean your dishes...this isn't your personal trashcan.

Well it happened again...the lettuce found it's way in,
And well the found the finish line...delicious,
The marker of success can be found in it's inner workings,
Stop putting food in the sink...don't you know what it does.

Altogether it's like three pounds...between potatoes and sour cream,
The bacon would've oinked if it was found in the mass it was,
clap your hands for the amount of flies that have found their way there,
Look at all these damn bugs...don't you know I work hard to keep them out.

What do you know...the waters overflowing...look at it all,
The food...the flow on the floor...all the years of spoiled compounding,
Look there's a coin here...a penny...1944...probably from august...war
has just ended...
I told you to was the damn I gotta clean this
so unlucky.


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