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Watcher of the Native Sky

Updated on November 26, 2012


My Tribute To The Native American Indian And Their Ways:




Watcher of the Native Sky


Oh…Great Watcher of the Native Sky,

Thank you for watching over me as time goes by.

Thank you for showing me the secret to life on this land,

Thank you for reaching down and giving me a hand.


Great Watcher…How great you are!

I gaze up in wonder by the power of your great star.

Oh…Great Watcher of the Native Sky,

You watch over my days until I die.

Thank you…Great Watcher…for hearing my cry,

And having patience with me when I ask why.


You lie…beyond the Blue’re majestic beyond name alone,

You rule all the heavens…as you sit on your great throne!

You have watched my native land,

Travel through time by your plan.

You have made both animal and man,

A home to live on by your mighty hand.


Great Watcher of the Native Sky,

Help me to see as you…through my eyes.

Help my legs and back to stay strong throughout my journey,

Oh Watcher, help to protect my people’s land and help us not to worry!

Help my thoughts and words to be clear throughout my days,

Help me to always know your ways.


Oh…Great Watcher of the Native Sky,

You watch the whole world…beneath you lie.

Great Watcher…from afar…I have heard your cry,

My spirit soars up to you…past where the eagles fly!

Great Watcher…a little man to you I am,

Thank you…for helping me to be all that I can.


The Native Sky covers me all the time,

And you its’ ruler…stay on my mind.

Oh Great Watcher….I know that it is true,

The one that is called the Christ is truly you.

Great Watcher…you have always watched over me since I was young,

As you have watched all under their Native Sky, since time begun.


Thank you…Oh Lord…for the Native American Indian and their spirit,

Please…preserve their ways…they make our world better with them in it!


My Tribute to our First Natives and their ways.

Copyright © 2009 All Rights Reserved


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