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Way to Deep

Updated on May 15, 2017

I can feel the crowd watching

Watching and judging my every step

The eyes, the eyes are searching for what I am after

My heart, I can feel it, it begins to beat faster

All the obstacles are very well placed

Placed right in my way...

With each one I knock down, a new one stays

stays right on my path, my walkway

The path, the walkway to happier days

So I will fight this crowd, day by day, week by week

While surviving every minute, trying not to weep

Shattering every obstacle. No!!!

No they will never know how weak I have became

The pain inside that screams, no they will only see

Only see the strength that is found way to deep

Which is where I am now

Do I dare to speak, would they hear my whispers

Or is the crowd just to bleak?


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