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We Are Always Together

Updated on March 26, 2016

We talk everyday

When we walk we hold hands

Our bodies move together to an acoustic drum

Our soul's connection is timeless

I can hear your call from afar

Our minds are filled with limitless possibilities

Our hearts are constantly intertwined

We are united sureness and inevitable passion

Our lips kiss

Under God's creation we are humanly one

Our eyes are aligned to fit in perfection

With love filled tunes we start to explore

Motionless we look up and gaze at the stars

We began to share each others dreams

While knowingly finding a flowing stream

Flowers are placed as a guide to fulfillment

Minutes pass by to our remembrance

We feed off of each others energy

With light beams and outstretched sound

We are intertwined in Dept and fullness

Our senses are opended as we ride with the wind

Only to understand one another

We are always together


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