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We Are Brick And Mortar

Updated on September 20, 2013
Main Street
Main Street

He has earned from his boss,
The money for his time,
And feels useful for the time he's taken,
From his family divine.

Our business' are much alike,
Whether his store or mine.
While his is Brick & Mortar set,
The Internet's my line.

My home is indeed my office.
My store on web-site sits.
The windows are on surf engines,
The shelves are items within it.

My customers are surfers.
My products are my opp's.
And each day clicks a customer,
To see if they like and stop.

I make sure my website fits the bill.
That it is easily found.
With decor suiting items still,
Within the site abounds.

My fliers are my responder,
To keep them up to date,
Of sales and changes made there,
And other things business relate.

And if one does visit my site,
And chooses not to stay,
At least I know my efforts right,
Attracted the surfers today.

I know that like the salesman,
In brick and mortar store,
I too will make a sale or two,
Earn my own paycheck and more!

Kari Shinal Copyright 1-11-08

As I walk down the thoroughfare
Of a shopping mall,
I see so many shops there.
In some I don't shop at all,

But when I do find an interesting store,
Certain things catch my eye.
The things on sale, the nice decor,
So I give the store a try.

As I enter this fine store,
And peruse the contents there,
I meet a Sales Associate,
Nice clothing he does wear.

He's set his store up organized,
Each item in its place.
Placed signs upon its' windows,
His ads in newspaper space.

He speaks of products on the shelf.
Helps me find those things I need.
He does this for his paychecks health,
His family he does need to feed.

He gives his recommendations,
Of those things I may like.
He Provides accommodations,
Tries to make my experience right.

And should I have a question,
About an item there,
He shares his knowledge mention.
I'm glad that he does share,

Of what he knows of products,
How they all do work.
The benefits and drawbacks,
Their little perks and quirks.


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