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Dreams: Not only can we cry from our dreams but we can learn from them.

Updated on October 19, 2016
Renata Kell profile image

Renata has had a blessed life as a mother and wife working side by side with her husband in property management and construction

A Wife's Prayers and A Mans Second Chance

A Wife’s Prayer , and a Man’s Second chance

A man in his mid-fifties stands just outside heaven’s gate. Although a little confused and unsure of how he got here, he knows he is in heaven. This is the most beautiful and breathtaking sight he has ever seen. As he attempts to enter an angel appears and remarks “not yet Mr. we need to discuss some things. The man still smiling from ear to ear regards " there must be some mistake?" "I have been a good man, father, and husband". The angle simply sighs and points off into the distance.

A short video of the man’s life begins to play scenes from the man’s past. He sees his self-going to work, he sees his wife and his children laughing and playing. He sees his house and cars and vacations. He never notices how short the video is and that all the scenes of his wife and children laughing and playing he is absent from. He repeatedly sees his self-leaving and coming home from work.

When the video stops playing the man looks at the angel and says with a smile on his face " I don't see what the problem is." I have provided my whole life and have given my wife and children a home. I have supported them and given them everything they ever needed. They never went without."

Without a word the angel rewinds the video and as the man watches his smile slowly disappears. This video is longer and he begins to feel something else. He sees his wife crying in the middle of the night, he sees, his -self-yelling at her day after day, he sees her crying in the shower and he sees her praying. Over and over he witnesses his wife in privacy crying and praying. Suddenly he can hear her prayers. Each and every day, she prays to HIM, she prays for GOD to take away his pain. She prays for him to love her, she prays that he will find peace in his soul and she prays that he will someday love her the way she loves him. She prays that he will never stray, even after he does. He starts to think back to all the time he would be angry with her for forgetting things and for speaking her mind when she didn't agree with him. He begins to recall how many times he could hear her cry and he would tell her to "turn off the faucet' or "what are you crying for you have no reason to be upset" "you just like drama". All these things running through his mind wipe his smile off his face and sadness starts to come over him.

The video plays these scenes for what seemed like forever. As the man stands there at a loss for words the video slows to the scene of his young wife in a hospital bed with the man by her side. When the man gets up to go get some coffee and the video stays on the woman. She once again prays for the man. “please God take care of my husband when I am gone, please let him have peace so that I will see him again in heaven, let him fill his heart with your love, where the anger has sat for so many years. Please, God brings my husband to me in heaven.” The man began to weep. He doesn't understand how he could not see her pain when he was with her every day. He finds himself listening to her words and her prayers wondering why she continued to pray every day for Him, and why did she love him so much.

As she finishes one final prayer; "Dear Lord please forgive him, he is a good man who has had a bad hand dealt with him, I know he loves me and I know he deserves to come to heaven, Lord please let me wait for him and we will have our heaven together"; the Lord takes her from her pain as she falls to sleep one last time.

Now the man looking pale with a single tear streaming down his face stood there in silence.

The angel looks at the man and asks “now what do you have to say.”

The man simply says” "I did not mean to hurt her." I loved my wife and didn't mean those things I said". That was just who I was and she knew it" You can't change who you are." Right?"

The angel sadly looks at the man and responds , "We all have the right to change and we all have the right to be loved."

With one last look at the video, the angel shows his wife standing behind heaven's gate waiting with a smile and faith that her husband will soon arrive.

Suddenly the man opens his eyes and realizes he is in a hospital room with his children staring at him.

As they proceed to tell him he has had a heart attack he begins to sob uncontrollably. His children comfort him assuming it is the effects of the heart attack, but the man knows he was sent back to spend the remainder of his life on this earth replaying his video over and over in his mind.

He also knows that it was his wife’s prayers all those years that gave him a second chance. He looks to his children with sadness and hopefulness telling them "I truly loved your mother and I will see her again someday, but not today.

A women's past Steals Her Love: God's Love Takes Away Her Past

From the time she was born, she did not trust. She hid behind her fear and held her love at arm's length. As a child, she experienced the darkest and most dangerous trials and carried them with her for years to come.

Unknown to her God would protect her from evil and deliver her to her destiny.She would survive and she would thrive breaking all the chains and overcoming all that she knew. She would be granted love and be blinded to love all at the same time. She would go through life alone while being completely wrapped in his arms. She would learn before it was too late.

In her tender teen years, she would meet her soul mate and her partner for life but she would not recognize it until it was gone. She would have to face her past before she could see she always had her future.

For no other reason than fear she would push away the thought of real love until she would hurt the only one on earth that ever truly loved her. She could not feel, she could not trust and she could not see. She was in complete misery and all alone because she chose to be alone.

She would cause her spouse much pain and anger and she would never let him love her. She would leave and doubt and yet she would love him with all her heart. She didn't understand and couldn't put it into words. She knew her pain was killing him but she would continue to bury it and pretend that it didn't exist.

In a blink of an eye she would push one too many times and without notice, he would go looking for what he only wanted from her. He would try to move on and she would be lost without him. There was no way that either of them could understand how the love that they knew was right could go so wrong.

God finally said, "It's time young lady for you to accept your past". "It is time to let it go" "It is not him who want's something else it is you who is afraid of what he want's" "You have a pure and everlasting love in front of you but you can only see the wrongs that have been done to you by others." "You are both my children and you both belong together." You must believe enough for the both of you and you must open your arms and body to him as he is your soulmate."

Without another second she began to open her heart. She began to let him in and to finally be honest with herself. She had to learn to love and trust the man for who he was and not what others had done. She fought to right her wrongs and she became more of a woman than she had thought she was. She dug down into her heart and began to feel emotions that did not exist. She knew she would hurt and she knew that he would too but the Lord made himself clear and she could not let him down.

The recovery was long and the pain was intense but the reward was worth it all.

One day she would look up and see for the first time ever she was truly loved by the man who was always in front of her. He would finally understand that she was just a scared little girl afraid of getting hurt but denying him love hurt her more than anyone could have ever done.

The Lord was right and their lives moved forward together as one just as it should have been all along. From this day forward the past does not control their future and the future is full of love.


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