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A Scandal for our Time

Updated on March 16, 2013
A blue dress but not Monica's, of course
A blue dress but not Monica's, of course

(to the tune of Billy Joel’s

“We Didn’t Start the Fire”)

Billy Clinton was the governor

down in Arkansas, remember?

He had an affair with

a skanky floozy or two.

He ran for president, elected,

Monica, he then selected,

Monica who liked to wear

nice dresses that were blue.

Then the lawsuits piled up,

Congressmen said, “What is up?”

Hillary said, “Enough’s enough!”

Isn’t being the president tough?


We should have impeached that liar.

He didn’t tell the truth,

and he was so uncouth (oh yeah).

We should have impeached that liar,

elected his wife instead,

got him a single bed …

Slick slick Willy went on TV,

told us lies convincingly-lee,

said he never had relations

with poor Miss Monica.

Fooled us for a while and then

Slick Willie’s on TV again,

saying that he did it,

and we all said, “Uh duh!”

Then it was a rotten mess,

after Willie did confess,

infidelity’s in the press

because Monica had saved the dress …



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